The Killer Shadow

Dark clouds covered the sky.
The evil moved silently by.
Parades of shadows collided with the light.
Fear provoked the night.
No one was safe.
The black rapped them up in its monstrous cape.

It drowned the joys.
Kids were taken from their toys.
Swords were drawn,
But the victory was long gone.
Bodies paved the road,
Where the air always stayed cold.
As the current flowed through,
Death was upon them soon.

It was unlike any plague.
Streets painted red.
The last thing heard was a scream.
They’d wish to live in a better dream.
No comfort to find.
No day was ever kind.
Panicked and scared.
They could never be prepared.
The torture impaired,
They were never spared.

And as the nightmare ended,
The mystery was left suspended.
History was wipped clean.
Sworn it was never seen.
No clouds.
No sounds.
No cries.
No good-byes.
But all lies,
They said through their lives.
For, no one could know,
Of the events caused by the killer shadow.

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2 Responses to The Killer Shadow

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    Oooh…goose bumps! Chilling.

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