SIMS Challenge(s)

Okatie, I’m getting ready to post one of my Sims2 Challenges: Condemned13pumpkin and I one day decided that we were going to make our own Sims challenges after reading Sims_by_Izza‘s stories…our first attempt…we’ll just say was FAIL.  It wasn’t possible.  So we decided to revise and created this: Sims2 Challenge #2:

1. one outfit per selection, plus maternity
2. 2 hairs
3. accessories allowed
4. can choose traits, turn ons/offs
5. can choose aspiration/lifetime want (LTW)

No cheats allowed
– exceptions: during build/buy mode

No mods
– exceptions: Inteen

Build/Buy mode
1. 2 bedrooms
2. 1 bathroom
3. no dishwasher
4. no trash compactor
5. no microwave
6. no food processor
7. no burglar alarm
8. must have only one skill building item per skill (in other words can’t have both piano and easel in the house)

After house completion build/buy mode is disabled.
– exceptions: some type of error or sim bondage
– pose boxes allowed, if you can find a way to use them without going into build/buy mode. (I suggest the Sim Inventory)

– fulfill main Sim’s LTW, if possible (see Aging)
– choose job based on LTW
– if LTW is to own 5 Top Businesses, you may purchase a lot(s) and build a business. No already made community lots; also each business must have a different theme. For example, if you have a furniture store and have to build another business choose something other than furniture store like a restaurant or art gallery.

Free will on

Aging (optional)
– aging off for impossible LTW’s, such as “Own 5 Top Level Businesses” or “Marry Off 6 Children.”
– aging on for possible/easy LTW’s, such as top of career
– if there is a LTW that you are not sure whether aging can be on or off, just comment on this thread and one us (either 13pumpkin or myself) will get back to you as soon as possible.

Theme Challenges (optional)
Sims2 Challenge #2 is a base for Theme Challenges.  Along the route of a Theme Challenge you must follow the base and complete parts (Objectives) if possible.

Condemned (kind of like the Asylum Challenge)
– create 8 Sims that are not related and have no previous relationships
– build your own house on an empty lot (follow Sims2 Challenge #2 directions)
      – exception: if you are FAIL at building houses, you may download one, but it has to meet Sims2 Challenge #2 guidelines.
– only one Sim can be controlled by you
– see if all 8 Sims make it to the end, which will be twenty days
– storyline optional (well I’m going to make one that makes sense for me)
– Theme Challenge is FAIL if all 8 Sims do not make it to the end, obviously.

I will put up more Theme Challenges as they become available.

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2 Responses to SIMS Challenge(s)

  1. Izza says:

    Wow, I am amazed and flattered that anything I did could inspire somebody… and i’m really enjoying reading your challenge stories 🙂

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