Terrible, terrible…terrible news everyone. 😦  I’m a bit emotional right now.  The emotions are all going south.

Chrome, the laptop, died.  It happened yesterday afternoon.  All I was doing was opening the bodyshop and it froze.  I manually turned the laptop off then back on and blue screen of death.  It no longer recognizes any start up programs.

The whole story, and you readers deserve it, is that I was doing homework on Wednesday.  The teacher provided a link on a site to help us with the research (our topic Americans with Disabilities Act) well…the site threw a virus at my laptop.  I quickly turned off the internet, which usually works with cutting off viruses, but it kept growing so I unplugged Chrome.

I turned it back on after about 10 seconds.  Everything worked fine.  I did a Malware scan, considering with these types of viruses it is not a good idea to activate your anti-virus for usually they attach themselves to it.  Nothing showed up.  I fiddled through everything seeing if everything was all right.  It all ran fine.

I turned off the laptop until yesterday to send 13pumpkin a Sim she had created in my game…and you know the rest.  It’s all so disappointing.  The frameworks that had my back-ups did not survive.  This is why I need to invest in an external hard drive…

R.I.P. Lost Valley, population (not including NPCs) 30+ families, including: the Condemned family for the challenge, my number one Sim Pyper Leeweld, Vaiden, Tatiana, Lewej, Christine Jones (again), and though you guys never got to meet him, Mr. Funny Logan Reece…My most beautiful sim Coastal Coster and her daughter Nikia…Shalanae‘s Marko family, 13 pumpkin‘s Williams, Simms, and Pierce family…Jen the Serial Killer…Marcie Marr (once again, she was upcoming in AU Chapter 25).

Along with the community lots, all custom houses are lost…however…13pumpkin and I do draw them on graph paper (usually) before we build them.  Nevertheless, the awesome landscaping can never be captured again.

Good-bye to over 16,000 pictures, plus another 300+ of Christine’s original stories, that were not put online.  Over 20 Sim stories that I never wrote down and could not possibly rewrite including, Pyper’s story which stretched over 4 houses (which I was preparing to put online), Vaiden’s past story full of sarcasm and laughs that you all would have enjoyed.  These are things never to be captured again. (Not like soup…hehe)  😥

I’m not worried about downloads, for this is like the….seventh time I’ve had to redownload things between four or five computers…even so I could probably, if I want to be lazy, bum several off of 13pumpkin.

In all of this darkness, there is some light.  I will be able to have Tatiana and Vaiden back (AU will continue).  Mr. Hopeless, my bestest friend, awhile back asked for some Sims for his new game.  I sent him the original Sims of Tatiana and Vaiden…and a few others…including my male default Sim.  And for more news, I had before all of this, created in AU chapters 20-24, all of the pictures are there.  I will post them extremely spread out until I get all of this mess sorted out.  I’m hoping by the time I have Chapter 24 done, Lewej and several other main characters will be reconstructed for Lewej herself is not a very hard Sim to make.

Also I am smart to have saved my prose stories on my email and I urge all of you to do something to save what you can.  Do not trust technology to do it for you.  It cannot.

In rebuilding, I’m still deciding who to redo and who not to…Pyper was a happy accident and I don’t have any pictures of her as an adult…the only ones I do have of her are in the Leeweld family thread on this site; however, she is a teen.  It’s just not the same.  I will most likely not recreate Christine again.  So…her story is forever closed ending for you all at the first part.  For me…ending before the third part.  All of those characters who are apart of Alternate Universe will be rebuilt, the best that I can do.  Condemned, however, will not continue so it is FAIL.

I already miss them all…

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6 Responses to Announcement

  1. Kiri says:

    That sucks. That sucks so bad. I’m going to wail a bit now!

    I’m so sorry!

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    Bum away MDP…I have almost 30,000 downloads and that’s not including sub-folders.
    I don’t know who I’ll miss more, Vaiden, Piper, Lewej…I’m there for you…you already know that 🙂
    (Giving you a hand hug)

  3. raquelaroden says:

    Aww no! I’m so sorry–so much work and time all gone. 😦 I’m glad you’ll be able to salvage some of your content, but I know it rankles to have lost so much. Here’s hoping you’ll find you’re able to get more than you thought! *hugs*

    • It was a lot of work. 13pumpkin and I spent countless hours creating everything includes Simmies, houses/community lots, and storylines. 😦 Well, the machine is dead right now. It stays at the blue screen of death and doesn’t do anything.

      I still need to talk to older brother Bo about it…his laptop went through the same kind of thing once. He has it working now, but all of his content was lost, which really was devasting on his part because he didn’t have his prose stories backed up. He had to start all the way over.

      I just need the laptop to work again that way I can reinstall and get back to work for you guys.

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