Chrome UPdate

Well, I’ve been collaborating with people all over the Internet.  They’ve told me to find the windows.old files, but I’m afraid they do not exist within my laptop.  It’s a shame.  I could have had everything back, but now that’s seems so far away. 

I do have the processor working again though.  There’s absolutely nothing on it, well, except default programs, which sucks because I need my Microsoft Office back for school, but I guess I’ll have to go buy a new one.  Grr.  Oh well.  Rebuilding will commense as soon as I believe that no more black or blue screens of death will appear because what would be the point?  I’d have to keep recovering for all eternity.

13pumpkin and I will be getting together, hopefully soon to commense Operation Redo.  We’re going to package some of her Sims to put on my laptop because well, I’m tired of creating new Sims every time something like this happens.  I’ll restore Tatiana and Vaiden into the game and happy days of rebuilding will begin.  No, not really…they won’t be happy.  They’ll be full of aggravation and reflection of “how perfect this was before,” and “it’s just not the same.”  Grr again.  I’ve gone through that too many times with Hell and Christine’s story.

But this is my plan…I’ll have to tear down somethings on this site, which mostly has to do with Lost Valley.  Mostly.  My new neighborhood won’t be Lost Valley.  I cannot and will not remake the same thing again because I will not be able to reconstruct it the same way.  It just makes me sad. 😦  However, there will be a new neighborhood…not sure exactly what I’m going to call it…yet.  This new neighborhood will have a two Downtowns just like Lost Valley…one Business District and probably just one Vacation Destination as well. 

I’m still debating on whether I’m going to install University as I did not the last time around.  The reason…my Sims never come out of college.  Seriously.  The Gang, originally, nope never made it.  Christine…nope…she was still in University the first time around.  So…I don’t know.  You do get a lot of great things in University and I’d like more bookcases for my community library and schools.  Hmmm…much to think about.

The new neighborhood will be based on a very old neighborhood of mine.  Though it will not be EXACTLY the same.  I would like to go ahead and carry out the same “base” as it.  This old neighborhood was called Woken Dreams.  I think the only sub-neighborhood it had was a University. 

Woken Dreams was a land ruled by experients of a mad scientist named Dr. Leonard Williams.  He found different ways to construct “creatures.”  His first creation was a blend of witchcraft and blood magic and the creature escaped.  Dr. Williams knew what this creature was capable of, instead of hunting it down himself, he hired the local Elves and wizards to do it for him.  They all came empty handed. 

Since the creature had not returned to confront its creator, Dr. Williams continued his research and created more dastardly creatures, including Vampires, Zombies, and with returning to his science rather than supernatural, Androids.

That’s the gist of that neighborhood story.  I’ll switch it up, of course, because I won’t do the same story over again…and it wouldn’t go too well with the Alternate Universe storyline.

Well…that’s the end of this UPdate.

Cheers. 8)

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