Commensing Operation Redo

Ok with my last blue screen of death, it snapped Chrome, the laptop, back into its regular mode.  Weird.  It has to die to work correctly. [shrug]  I’ve restarted the laptop several times to see if another blue (or black) screen of death will appear, but nothing yet.  So…I’m deciding that it’s ok to being Operation Redo

I’ve installed the base game and EPs: Nightlife, Business, Bon Voyage, Free Time, and Apartment Life. 

(This is my least favorite part) I’ve downloaded: default skins, eyes, brows…other facial hair, clothes from Simply Styling, make up from Bruno and icedmango of MTS and Barlonista of Just Sims…uhhhh…Inteen at Sim Biology, Insimenator…invisible witch and vampire skins (MTS)…skins in general (MTS)…hmm…I’ve yet to get the little mods of No Zzzs, music notes, or censur blur…I’ll do that later today…I’ve got to get No Crumple…There’s soooooooo many downloads to go.  I’ve got to get lots and lots and lots of clothes, hair, accessories, walls/floors, doors/windows, furniture galore, and, of course, poseboxes. 

One should make a list right?  I’m at 13pumpkin’s so I’m sure we’re going to soooo get to work on that later today. 

Oye…almost 2 in the morning here.

Well, nighty night. 8)

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2 Responses to Commensing Operation Redo

  1. Kiri says:

    Yup – make a list is a good idea.

    It sounds like you’ve got it going, even if it’s your least favourite part.


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