I Haz Album!

On Black Pearl Sims I have decided to be an active member.  Hell, I’ve been apart of the site since 2008 and really only downloaded stuff.  I try to stay active around the community…though I’ve kinda slumped in Garden of Shadows.  Well, getting back on subject, I made a member album called A certain Album.  I think it’s funny and clever…my username is certain, you know  “a certain album for certain” HAHA…it’s only me laughing isn’t it?  [sigh]  Any ways, there’s pictures of Vaiden’s house remade and a photoshoot of Vaiden and the girls…as well as Tatiana with her buddies in their college years. (Actually Tatiana is still in college…I only briefly brought her back to the present AU stage for the Thanksgiving extra)

You guys and gals should go check it out. 😉

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