Cast of AU

Here’s the cast of Alternate Universe.  Really this isn’t everyone in existence.  I thought I might post this to give some more insight and just for everyone to get a look at the remakes.

Vaiden and Tatiana.  Two very fun characters.  The original them were fun too, but that was back before I was courageous enough to post online.  I also wasn’t a master of picture taking back then [blush].  Originally Tatiana was a college student and her and a roommate (who’s name I cannot remember) rented a house that the locals said was haunted by the black magic figures who were buried in the grounds which the house was built on.  There was only one figure that was “buried” in the grounds and that was Vaiden.  He was trapped in a magical dungeon underneath the house.  There was no escape unless he could get someone above ground to find the magical spell to undo the barriers that kept him there.  Yeah, the story was kind of corny.  It’s changed quite a lot over the remakes.  Vaiden and Tatiana have been remade a total of four times now, including the latest crash of Chrome, the laptop. 

Fun facts: Vaiden hates magic.  Tatiana’s favorite color is turquoise.

Lewej Asi or Jewel Isa, originally.  Jewel was one of the teachers from Christine’s story.  I used the Sim of her from Bodyshop to make Lewej.

Fun Fact: Lewej was sent to Vaiden by her godmother Asiram to learn different Elvin strengths.

Harvey and Zarah Dellawood.  Though Zarah told Vaiden in the past that she would never marry, she did end up going back on her word when she married Harvey.

Fun Facts: They were exiled by a Master Vampire for not agreeing to his views of the “new” world.

Candid shot.

Lizabeth La’Belle.  What makes her so terrifying?  She has a record of destroying neighboring Master Vampires.  She’s just that powerful.  Originally her last name was Belle La’Bloom, but I changed it because it was annoying to type.

Fun Fact: La’Belle was made into a Vampire 2000+ years ago when she was fifteen so her body will stay that age for all eternity.

Harry and Trudy Coristor.  Dearest friends of La’Belle, only because they fear her wrath.  Actually Mr. Coristor is a Master Vampire and has the ability to create his own clan; however, he fears that La’Belle would destroy him if he decided to make his own clan.

Fun Fact: Mrs. Coristor was born a Vampire, not made into one.

The Rosenhouse Twins.  Bailyn and Bailey Rosenhouse were both made by La’Belle.  She favored them because of the sneakiness and amazing abilities as seekers.

Fun Facts: Bailyn was La’Belle’s favorite out of the twins though Bailey seemed to try harder for her attention than he did.

Aliana, a Vampire’s Vampire executioner.  She has worked with La’Belle for many centuries destorying neighboring Master Vampires.

Mr. Thomas.  Originally a servant to the house of another Master Vampire, but he was spared by the Rosenhouse Twins and given the choice to become the undead himself.

Fun Facts: He is deeply in love with Bailey.

Serial Killer Jen, aka Jennifer Verniski and servant/slave Marcie Marr.  A little history here actually.  Marcie Marr was the name of the first Sim I ever created, back when we found Sims Bustin Out for the PlayStation2.  She still retains the same eye color and hair color as the original her.  I’ve remade her god knows how many times.  Jen was also a original character of Bustin Out, except she was played in the Free Streets.  She was a serial killa then too.  It was back then that we were trying to figure out how many different ways you could kill a Sim.  There’s a lot of freakin ways!  Jen’s favorite way to kill off her annoying neighborhoods was to lurer them into a shed (3×3 filled with wooden crates) with food, lock the doors (or just delete the door), magically make a fireplace appear, lite the fireplace, then magically turn the fireplace around into the building, and watch the building burn down with the annoying neighbor(s).  Horrible?  Freakin hilarious though.

No fun facts for them yet.  They’ll be in the next few chapters.


I like this picture of Vaiden and Tatiana.  So cute!

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