Misplaced Stream High

One of my favorite things to do when I’m making a pretty decent neighborhood is to make the Senior Page of the Yearbook of the Highschool.  So Misplaced Stream is the place and I think I’ve had one for it before with Gwen’s story, which was never postedHere.  So there’s some returning characters from that Senior Page to this one.  The original Senior Page I did is here.  It was for Pyper’s story, another story that was never posted.  I soooo wish I had though because hers was excellent.

Unlike last time, I decided to do pages like a spread for the Senior Class.

So let’s do an analysis:

Eye Colors
Blue: 6
Brown: 8 
Green: 4
Grayish: 2

Hair Colors
Black: 8
Blonde: 3
Brown: 7
Red: 1
*Note that though a couple of the brunettes look to have Reddish hair, only Kristy Kay actually is categorized as a red head.

Skin Colors
Pale: 7
Medium: 3
Tan: 1
Dark: 0
Custom: 9
*Note my defaults are by teru_k.

Other little fun facts
3 sets of Twins (Clavers, Coristors, and Zarrens)
1 set of Triplets (Jenkins)
In storyline the McCarrens were born exactly 10 months apart so they were put in the same grade.  Porsha Lin has moved UP a grade despite her brother, Hector’s protests.
The Alpines are cousins so that explains the sharing of their last name.

All righty then.  Hope you like.

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