Character Studies: Dahlila and Delania

All righty, I finally got around to making the characters studies for the twins.  Pheew.  Dahlila’s was actually the harder one, which I was surprised by, considering I actually play her more than Delania in the game.


1. Name, 2. Origin, 3. Favorite Food, 4. Favorite Color
5. Favorite weather, 6. Favorite Drink, 7. Hobby, 8. Favorite Animal
9. Occupation, 10. Love, 11. One word description, 12. Something Else

Here they are:


1. Dahlila, 2. Misplaced Stream, 3. Fruit, 4. Green
5. Winter, 6. Dr. Pepper, 7. Studying Magic, 8. Huskey
9. Student, 10. my dad, 11. Rebel, 12. Twin 

1. Delania, 2. Misplaced Stream, 3. Cupcakes, 4. Pink
5. Summer, 6. strawberry shake, 7. sewing, 8. cat
9. Student, 10. time with my dad, 11. sweet, 12. sister

Note:  Both of the girls in “love” have something to do with their dad.  Not saying they aren’t close to Tatiana too.  Vaiden’s just special.


Pictures found on DeviantArt.
Idea stolen from a collaboration of atomicspacekitty and ValleySunSims.

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