Oh no, why now!


Why did I just find these ears! OMG a cabbage seriously! Vulcan ears who knew.

Originally I was going to put Dahlila and Delania in Elf ears, but they were just…too big.  They needed like baby-sized Vaiden ears…well…this just sucks big purple ones.

I don’t know…I still would like to put them in these ears, but it’s been ALOT of chapters so far in Book2 and their ears suddenly being all pointed would be weird.  I don’t know.  What do you all think?

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2 Responses to Oh no, why now!

  1. Tariphe says:

    I was actually wondering why their ears aren’t at least a bit pointy.

    • They were born in game and I’m a little scared about changing their genetic facial structure to be more “correct.” Though these ears would be the best fix…but being 32 chapters in, that’d probably be weird.

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