Still Waiting

So while we’re waiting on me to complete the next chapter of AU, here’s a short with Delania and Dahlila dormies.


Austin: It’s been a week and still no word from Dahlila or Delania.

Rebecca: You know, I’m not at all surprised that Dahlila hasn’t called, but Delania? ┬áSomething’s up.


Austin: Maybe, she found some hottie and ran away!


Austin: Bitch better send me a picture! But seriously…I’m kinda worried.


Rebecca: You shouldn’t. If I know anything about Dahlila Zarren, she’ll never let her sister run away without her. I mean, who’s going to find all the men? ┬áDelania couldn’t with her glasses glued to her head.

Austin: Oh my god a cabbage, Rebecca! So true! They’re probably liquored up right now, rocking that boat!


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