Caden Pearson

Name: Caden Pearson
Age: 49
Race: Human
Family: Josie (wife), Cory (son), Jerry (s0n)
Career(s): Top Defense Lawyer

Introduction: Caden was introduced as Tatiana’s boss in AUB1, but he is also one of her best friends (along with his wife) since college.  He is a very loyal friend.

Conflicts: being a husband and father, staying on top of cases.

Known Enemies: pick any prosecuter in the region.
Known Allies: Tatiana Smith, Vaiden Zarren, Lewej Asi, Jay Wishland, and Zarah Dellawood.

Groups belonged to: Pearson and Associates Law Firm

Opinions on World: Caden thinks a lot like Tatiana.  He wishes that peace would just come and everyone would stop being prejudice, but then again, he would be out of a job.

Opinions on Feline Case: Thinks that they will win.

Opinions on Cory dating Delania: Thinks that they are a great match, but they are also still young.

Opinions on Parenting: Stop trying to be their best friend and just be their parent. Teach them to responsible and sensible, kind and passionate, but brave and strong.

Opinions on Prom: Do it for the girls or you’ll never hear the end to it, he says.

Opinions on Magic: Magic, where?

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke: As long as Vampires or this Mr. Greenbrooke do not need a lawyer, I have no opinion, he says.

If you have any subjects that you want Caden’s opinion on, just comment below and he will reply.


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