Coastal Coster

Name: Coastal Coster
Age: 2000+
Race: High Elf
Family: Vaiden Zarren (son), Delania Zarren (granddaughter), Dahlila Zarren (granddaughter)
Career(s): former High Elf Priestess

Introduction: In AUB1, Coastal was introduced as a “contact” of Vaiden’s, although it was later revealed that Coastal was in fact his mother.  Not much is known about Coastal besides that she a very old Elf with amazing magical abilities.

Conflicts: Coastal has no conflicts if she doesn’t want them.

Known Enemies: Julianna Fairchild
Known Allies: Vaiden Zarren, Tatiana Smith, Gabriel Steel, Zarah Dellawood, Lewej Asi, Jay Wishland, Rista Creighton, and Latimere Greenbrooke

Groups belonged to: none known to present

Opinions on World: Being that she was survived two millenniums in her lifetime, Coastal has no opinions of the world.

Opinions on Parenting: Be patient and the “rock” for your children. They will always come back, she says.  (We can only take her advice as she raised Vaiden.)

Opinions on Prom: Does not understand what it represents or what its purpose is.

Opinions on Magic: Is sacred, no one should play with magic who cannot control it. She also knows that magic is a weapon in the wrong hands as it was for La’Belle and Jen in AUB1.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Coastal believes the Vampire race has lost most of its power since the collapse of the last Vampire empire.  She does not believe that Vampire will ever be as powerful as they were then.  However, she does understand they still have great influence on the modern world.  Nevertheless, the Humans will always be the ones with more power and influence.  As for Latimere, Coastal refuses to comment as she believes it would be a conflict of interest at this time.

If you have any subjects that you want Coastal’s opinion on, just comment below and she shall reply


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