Connor Benson

Name: Connor Benson
Age: 35
Race: Human
Family: None known to present
Career(s): Detective with the Misplaced Stream Police Department

Introduction: If Detective Benson is on the case, it is surely to get done and closed.  He has one of the best records in the region for catching the bad guys and is one of the few that the “Marshals” have their eyes on.

Conflicts: being lonely, having no time to date properly, having cases piling up by the second.

Known Enemies: what police officer doesn’t have haters?
Known Allies: Caden Pearson, Lewej Asi

Groups belonged to: none known to present

Opinions on World: Connor tries to stay unbias on the world as it is his job to protect everyone in it no matter what specie.

Opinions on Feline Case: Connor believes that it is getting a little ridiculous though he understands why it is important to know where the Felines stand in the world.

Opinions on Prom: WTF? he says.

Opinions on Magic: Again…WTF? he says.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Connor knows that a lot of Vampire activity is “underground” and has no proof to bring it to the surface so he can arrest the wrong doings.  He, like most of the department and world, also know of the Vampire “reform.” He is actually all for it.  If someone can get them Vamps to act right, then yes go for it, he says.  As for Latimere Greenbrooke, the detective has no comment for he does not know who that is and if Latimere has no broken the law then he doesn’t need to know his name.

If you have any subjects that you want Connor’s opinion on, just comment below and he will reply.


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