Elan Coristor


Name: Elan Coristor
Age: 18
Race: Natural Born Vampire
Family: Siren Coristor (sister), Harry Coristor (father), Trudy Coristor (mother)
Career(s): Full-time student

Introduction: Brother of Siren, Elan is often forgotten in his sister’s shadow, but he doesn’t mind.  He is not “into” Vampire politics and rather have a simpler life.  He’s currently studying to be a doctor, though he knows that it will be difficult since he is a Vampire.

Conflicts: being a Vampire in the “Human” world, being destined to be a subordinate for his sister, wanting to escape Vampire politics, in-love with Human girl

Known Enemies: Tommy McCarren, Julianna Fairchild
Known Allies: the Clavers, the Zarrens, the Greenbrookes, Zarah Dellawood

Groups belonged to: “Nerds”

Opinions on World: It can be what you want it to be, he says.

Opinions on Girls: Only has room in his heart for the one girl, he says.

Opinions on his parents: They are trying to do something that has never been done before so he applauds them, but he feels it is their faults of the past that are weighing them down.  They are proud people and stubborn too so they do not understand not everyone has to agree with them.  However, Elan will not allow others to say ill of his parents because of the things they did in the past to survive.

Opinions on Prom: He understands the purpose and he likes classy events.

Opinions on Magic: Has no opinion.

Opinions of Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: He thinks it is possible for the Vampires to change themselves and what others think of them, but first they have to be willing to put in the effort.  As for Latimere, Elan hasn’t figured him out yet, but also knows Latimere isn’t for him to figure out.

If you have any subjects that you want Elan’s opinion on, just comment below and he shall reply.


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