Gabriel Steel

Name: Gabriel Steel
Age: 300+
Race: Novice Elf
Family: Victoria (daughter), Samuel (son), Penelope (daughter)
Career(s): former advisor to the Elvin king, former Elvin representative, former Elvin general, current Elvin ambassador.

Introduction: I would say Gabriel needs no introduction like I did with Vaiden, but you all are not as acquainted with Gabriel as I am.  Gabriel is Vaiden’s best friend.  He served in the Elvin military almost as long as Vaiden; however, his expertise proved more effective in court and as a representative of Elvin kind to other creature clans.  Gabriel is one of the reasons why the war that ended the Vampire empire did not continue to destroy many of the other clans’ kingdoms.  He set up negotiations and helped stop the war.  Currently, he still works for the Elvin Royalty as ambassador to the Human world.

Conflicts: being an Elf in the “Human” world, being a father and single parent, playing the role of the middle man.

Known Enemies: none known at this time.
Known Allies: Vaiden Zarren, Tatiana Smith, Lewej Asi, Coastal Coster, Zarah Dellawood, Jay Wishland, and Caden Pearson

Groups belonged to: none

Opinions on World: The world is divided, it will always be divided because different species will never completely understand each other, yet the world turns on, he says.

Opinions on Parenting: Lots and lots and lots of patience, he says.

Opinions on Prom: I hope that it is an experience that Penelope will enjoy, he says.

Opinions on Magic: The original foundation of the Elves surrounded Magic; therefore, it is a sacred bond between our kind, he says.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: If you asked me during the old war, I would have told you Vampires were a race to fear, now I believe they are the smallest threat to civilization, he says.  As for Latimere Greenbrooke, Gabriel points out, once a powerful opressor, always a powerful opressor.

Opinions on Vaiden: Gabriel just laughs.

If you have any subjects that you want Gabriel’s opinion on, just comment below and he will reply.


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