Gregoral Zarren


Name: Gregoral Zarren, also called Gregory
Age: 2000+
Race: High Elf
Family: Vaiden Zarren (son), Delania Zarren (granddaughter), Dahlila Zarren (granddaughter), Julianna Fairchild (lover)
Career(s): Elf of Studies, Necromancer

Introduction: Like back in his youth, Gregory is an outcast.  His interests in reanimated corpses and the “science” in magic have always off put his race.  Something that still makes him very angry.  Gregory wants to expand dark magic.  His first goal is to create immortality.  He believes he can achieve this along side of Julianna Fairchild.

Conflicts: being an Elf in the Human world, believing in dark magic

Known Enemies: Vaiden Zarren, Gabriel Steel, the Greenbrookes
Known Allies: Julianna Fairchild, Harry Coristor, Penelope Steel, and Victoria Steel

Groups belonged to: Fairchild

Opinions on World: It is going in the wrong direction. Every time the Humans gain authority, everyone else loses power. It is wrong and should be the other way around.  Humans should be the slaves of those powerful.

Opinions on Parenting: Refuses to comment.

Opinions on Prom: Does not understand what it represents or what its purpose is.

Opinions on Magic: Magic is the ultimate weapon.  Those who do not have it should bow to those that do, he says.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Like most Elves of his generation, he does not trust Vampires.  When it comes to Latimere Greebrooke, Gregory gets angry.  It is not yet known why.

Opinions of Vaiden: Though his only child, Vaiden was the “outcome” of a ritual gone wrong.  Perhaps Gregory is reminded of that failure through Vaiden.

If you have any subjects that you want Gregory’s opinion on, just comment below and he shall reply.


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