Harry Coristor

Name: Harry Coristor
Age: Unknown
Race: Vampire
Family: Trudy (wife), Siren (daughter), Elan (son)
Career(s): former member of La’Belle’s court, former member of Jen’s court, current Master Vampire of his own court.

Introduction: The Coristors are Master Vampires who married each other, which is almost unheard of, considering Master Vampires usually want a partner that is lesser than me so they do not have to fear that their spouse will take over their court.  The Coristors made it work though.  In AuB1, the Coristors were working with Jennifer Verniski in a deal to get rid of their former master La’Belle.  Jen did as promised; therefore, the Coristors were allowed to start reforming the Vampire world.  In AUB2, the Coristors are head of the Vampire world in reforms to make the Vampires a more civilized race. 

Conflicts: being a Vampire in the “Human” world, being head of a community, being a husband and father.

Known Enemies: Latimere Greenbrooke and many other older Vampires against reform.
Known Allies: Vampires for reform, Zarah Dellawood

Groups belonged to: Reform Vampires

Opinions on World: The world is broken, but it can be fixed, he says.

Opinions on Vampire reform: It is necessary to change the aspects of what it is to be a “Vampire” in order to continue to be a player of power in the modern age, he says.

Opinions on Siren and Elan dating: They must keep in mind the priorities of time and age.  “Partners” can be found on a later date, he says.

Opinions on Parenting: Be strong and they will be strong, he says.

Opinions on Prom: has no opinion.

Opinions on Magic: Harry does have some magic of his own.  The older Vampires become the more magic they gain; therefore, he believes if this power can be used wisely, it can be used for the greater good.

Opinions on Vampries and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: As a Vampire, Harry knows there’s a lot of work to be done so that Vampires can live peacefully amongst other races as well as their own race.  He believes it is because of Vampires like Latimere Greenbrooke that this “reform” was not done ages ago when the last Vampire Empire collapsed.  Harry hates Latimere for what he has done by splitting up his partnership with his wife, Trudy, and believes that Latimere wishes to undermind him and destory everything that Mr. Coristor has accomplished.

If you have any subjects that you want Harry’s opinion on, just comment below and he shall reply.


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