Hector Lin


Name: Hector Lin
Age: 18
Race: Human
Family: Porsha (sister), Wade (father), Kitara (mother)
Career(s): Full-time student

Introduction: Known as jokester around school kids, Hector is a die-hard romantic too.  He’s also friends-with-benefits with Dahlila Zarren.

Conflicts: none known

Known Enemies:  none known
Known Allies: the Clavers, the Zarrens, the McCarrens, the Jenkins, the Alpines

Groups belonged to: ”Jocks, Preps, and Pops”

Opinions on World: It’s going good, he says.

Opinions on Girls: Can be loads of fun or a headache, he says.

Opinions on Prom: Actually liked it, he says.

Opinions on Magic: Has no opinion.

Opinions of Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Doesn’t care.

If you have any subjects that you want Hector’s opinion on, just comment below and he will reply.


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