Lacarra Greenbrooke

Name: Lacarra Greenbrooke

Age: Unknown

Race: Natural Born Vampire

Family: Latimere (brother)

Career(s): Head of Operations of Greenbrooke Estates

Introduction: As the younger sister of Latimere, Lacarra has been by his side for a very long time.  She enjoys her work as head of operations of the Greenbrooke Estates and finds her own power in the modern age of society as a business woman.  Beyond that not much in known about Lacarra.

Conflicts: being a Vampire in the “Human” world, being outside Vampire politics, being her brother’s subordinate.

Known Enemies: Harry Coristor and Vampires for reform.

Known Allies: Coastal Coster, Zarah Dellawood, and Vampires against reform.

Groups belonged to: Greenbrooke Estates

Opinions on World: The world is the world, the only things that have changed are shapes of buildings and clothes people wear, she says.

Opinions on Vampire reform: Like her brother, Lacarra believes it is ridiculous for the Vampires to think they will “change.”

Opinions on Prom: Formal occassions mean more money for the estate; therefore, open your doors and they will come, she says.

Opinions on Magic: Does and does not like it.  Lacarra is an older Vampire, but she does not have the “magic” beyond what is in natural vampric powers such as glamour.  This makes her more vulnerable to magical beings.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Vampires have calmed since the collapse of the last empire and their powers have weakened.  However, she has been outside the Vampire community for such a long time, she does not even remember what it was like to be in an empire.  She believes there will never be another powerful Vampire reign as there was before the war.  As for Latimere, Lacarra reminds us that he is her brother and master and gives no further comment.

If you have any subjects that you want Lacarra’s opinion on, just comment below and she will reply.



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