Latimere Greenbrooke

Name: Latimere Greenbrooke
Age: Unknown
Race: Natural Born Vampire
Family: Lacarra (sister)
Career(s): Master Vampire of his own court and enterprise

Introduction: Mysterious, cunning, and an opportunist, Latimere Greenbrooke is probably the most successful Master Vampire of all time,. but truly not much is known about him.

Conflicts: being a Vampire in the “Human” world, trying to stay out of Vampire politics, trying to stay out of “the world.”

Known Enemies: Harry Coristor and many Vampires for reform
Known Allies: Coastal Coster, Zarah Dellawood, and Vampires against reform

Groups belonged to: Greenbrooke Estates

Opinions on World: The world is still the same dark place it was millenniums ago. It just has fancier toys, Latimere states.

Opinions on Vamprie reform: It matters not what is decided throughout the community. Master Vampires will always do as they want no matter what a “council” may say.  It is the difference between having imaginary power and actual power. In the end their policies will never hinder me as I have been the same since the beginning of my reign, Latimere states.

Opinions on Prom: Enjoy all the festivities that life has to offer you, Latimere states.

Opinions on Magic: Trust that if you have magic, others will try to destroy you.  Trust that if you don’t have magic, those with magic will try to rule you, Latimere states.

If you have any subjects that you want Latimere’s opinion on, just comment below and he shall reply.


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