Lewej Asi

Name: Lewej Asi
Age: 42
Race: Elemental Elf
Family: Asiram Asi (god-mother, deceased)
Career(s): Elemental Protector of the Elvin kingdom

Introduction: Beautiful Lewej. She’s a fun girl, but has major attitude.

Conflicts: being an Elf in the “Human” world, wanting love, being loved,

Known Enemies: none known to present
Known Allies: Vaiden Zarren, Tatiana Smith, Zarah Dellawood, Jay Wishland, , Caden Pearson, and Connor Benson.

Groups belonged to: none known to present

Opinions on World: Like most Elves, Lewej follows the rules to make sure that her race does not get any unwanted attention.  As long as the world doesn’t have a problem with the Elves, Lewej will not have a problem with the world.

Opinions on Feline Case: Lewej wants Felines to follow the Elves in society.  Don’t make trouble and trouble won’t find you.

Opinions on Prom: Likes dressing up so she checks yes on her vote.

Opinions on Magic: Feels that magic was originally made by the Elves and is sacred.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular:  Vampires scare Lewej.  Even though she is friends with Zarah, she still is uneasy around her.  As for Latimere, Lewej feels that he is a threat and should be watched closely.

Opinions on Men: They’re dumb, she says.

If you have any subjects that you want Lewej’s opinion on, just comment below and she shall reply


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