Penelope Steel


Name: Penelope Steel
Age: 18
Race: Novice Elf
Family: Gabriel (father), Samuel (brother), Victoria (sister)
Career(s): former student

Introduction: Penelope is the youngest child of Gabriel Steel.  Until recently, she had never spent time with her older sister Victoria.  It seems that Victoria has turned Penelope against her father and their friends and aligned with Julianna Fairchild.  It is unknown at the time what Penelope initial feelings are regarding her father and their past.

Conflicts: being an Elf in a Human world, being against her family and friends.

Known Enemies: Vaiden Zarren, Gabriel Steel, Zarah Dellawood, the Greenbrookes
Known Allies: the Fairchild family, Gregory Zarren

Groups belonged to: Fairchild

Opinions on World: Everything is obtuse, she says.

Opinions on Prom: An hour of torture, she says.

Opinions on Magic: should never be taken lightly, she says.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: she has no comment.

If you have any subjects that you want Penelope’s opinion on, just comment below and she might reply.


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