Rina and Owen Smith

Names: Rina and Owen Smith
Ages: Unknown
Race: Sorceror
Family: Tatiana (daughter), Delania (granddaughter), Dahlila (granddaughter)
Career(s): Members of Mystic Crane, Owen runs a small free clinic

Introductions: Rina and Owen lived in almost isolation to protect their daughter, Tatiana, from evil like Jennifer Verniski that wished to steal Tatiana’s power and soul.  Rina still believes that they should live away from society, but Owen is now attached to some freedoms of the world.

Conflicts: being secretly of Sorceror kind in the “Human” world

Known Enemies: Jennifer Verniski (deceased), Julianna Fairchild
Known Allies: Mystic Crane, Vaiden Zarren, Coastal Coster, Lewej Asi, Zarah Dellawood, Jay Wishland, and Caden Pearson

Groups belonged to: Mystic Crane

Opinions on World: Rina hates the world. She thinks it is dangerous.  Owen thinks there’s more than life than staying in a little box.

Opinions on Parenting: Be loving and supportive, though Rina doesn’t show a lot of that.

Opinions on Prom: both have no opinion.

Opinions on Magic: Both agree that magic is dangerous and should be controlled and contained so it does not spill out into the world or the wrong hands.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Both agree that Vampires are dangerous, yet they are less dangerous than have been in the past.  As for Latimere Greenbrooke, neither has an opinion.

Opinions on Vaiden: Owen loves and respects Vaiden. He does not believe there is a better man for Tatiana out in the world.  Rina has a very different opinion and one that I would have to censor so I’ll just leave it alone.

If you have any subjects that you want their opinions on, just comment below and they will reply.


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