Samuel Steel


Name: Samuel Steel
Age: 25
Race: Novice Elf
Family: Gabriel (father), Penelope (younger sister), Victoria (older sister)
Career(s): current student

Introduction: After spending most of his life in the Elvin Kingdom, Samuel is trying to adjust in this “Human world.”  He is very kind and loving towards everyone he has contact with and is especially close to Delania Zarren.

Conflicts: being an Elf in a Human world.

Known Enemies: Julianna Fairchild
Known Allies: the Zarren-Smith families, Coastal Coster, Lewej Asi, Jay Wishland, Zarah Dellawood.

Groups belonged to: none known to present

Opinions on World: Samuel is very relaxed and believes that world can be like that too if people would let go.

Opinions on Prom: High school’s way of creating an awkward and embarrassing night you will never forget.

Opinions on Magic: Samuel is not high on magic like most Elves.  It is a tool to him and a tool that he never really uses.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: He is uneasy around Vampires.  Though he has never met Latimere, Samuel is frightened by the idea that his friends must be with him.

If you have any subjects that you want Samuel’s opinion on, just comment below and he will reply.


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