Seamus Fairchild


Name: Seamus Fairchild.
Age: 48
Race: Sorceror
Family: Julianna (mother), Honey (sister)
Career(s): Reasoner

Introduction: Seamus is quiet and reserved, but well mannered.  He does seem very objected to his mother ideas and acts a voice of reason or one of reality.  It is mentioned that the Smith and Fairchild families were to “join.”  This means that Tatiana was to marry Seamus.

Conflicts: being magical in a Human world.

Known Enemies: the Zarren-Smith families, Gabriel Steel, Coastal Coster, Jay Wishland, Lewej Asi, the Coristors, Zarah Dellawood, the Greenbrookes.
Known Allies: Gregory Zarren, Harry Coristor, Penelope and Victoria Steel.

Groups belonged to: Fairchild

Opinions on World: It will soon be corrected, he says.

Opinions on Prom: Does not understand what it represents or what its purpose is.

Opinions on Magic: Will be a force to fear, he says.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: The world would be better without both, he says.

If you have any subjects that you want Seamus’s opinion on, just comment below and he may reply.


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