Trudy Coristor

Name: Trudy Coristor
Age: Unknown, though admittedly older than her husband
Race: Natural Born Vampire
Family: Harry (husband), Siren (daughter), Elan (son)
Career(s): former member of La’Belle’s court, former member of Jen’s court, former member of her own court, current member of Latimere Greenbrooke’s court

Introduction: A lot of mystery surrounds Trudy. She is a natural born Vampire, which means she was born a Vampire, not made into one.  She was an original member of Latimere Greenbrooke’s court before “escaping” and joining another court where she met her life partner and husband, Harry Coristor before AUB1.

Conflicts: being a Vampire in the “Human” world, being apart of a court that is against her and her husband’s views, being a mother and wife.

Known Enemies: Vampires against reform
Known Allies: Vampires for reform, Zarah Dellawood

Groups belonged to: Reform Vampires, yet she cannot participate because she is now a member of Greenbrooke Estates.

Opinions on World: Much like her husband, Trudy believes that the world just needs to be “fixed” and then everyone can live peacefully with each other; however, she knows this will be difficult to acheive.

Opinions on Vampire reform: Trudy believes the Vampire race is “starving.”  Since the collapse of the last Vampire Empire, the Vampires have been spread thin and are no longer an important player in the world; therefore, she believes, like her husband, that it is important to reform the Vampires into the modern age so they can participate in this new world.

Opinions on Siren and Elan dating: It is wonderful that they are involved with activities with other creatures, but they must keep in mind what their goals are in life and for their race, she says.

Opinions on Parenting: Be firm, but show compassion.

Opinions on Prom: Formal occassions will be attended a lot in their lives so these teens might as well learn how to dress and act. Consider prom practice, girls and boys, she says.

Opinions on Magic: Trudy believes that magic is the difference between a Master Vampire and their subordinates as Zarah Dellawood is already 200+ years old, but shows no sign of magic wielding past natural Vampire powers, such as glamour; therefore, Zarah will always be a follower.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: As stated above, the Vampire race is weak and needs to come together and build a new foundation to be strong again.  As for Latimere Greenbrooke, Trudy will remain silent since he is her master and he does not like to be discussed.

If you have any subjects that you want Trudy’s opinion on, just comment below and she shall reply.


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