Vaiden Zarren

Name: Vaiden Zarren
Age: 200+ (he’s very vague as to what the real number is)
Race: Shade Elf
Family: Coastal Coster (mother), Tatiana Smith (wife), Delania Zarren (daughter), Dahlila Zarren (daughter)
Career(s): former Elvin throne protector, former Elvin assassin, former hitman, current Black OPs instructor

Introduction: Vaiden needs no introduction.

Conflicts: being an Elf in the “Human” world, being a soldier, being a husband and father, being social with other people, quitting smoking and drinking, staying out of the “underworld” of society.

Known Enemies: Julianna Fairchild
Known Allies: Gabriel Steel, Zarah Dellawood, Lewej Asi, Jay Wishland, Latimere Greenbrooke, and Caden Pearson.

Groups belonged to: Vaiden does not believe in social groups.

Opinions on World: Vaiden does not get into politics.  He cares not for new “reforms.”

Opinions on Daughters’ Boyfriends: He’s very against his daughters having boyfriends.  All boys should be afraid, be very afraid.

Opinions on Parenting: Show love, but authority.

Opinions on Prom: Is stupid and unnecessary.

Opinions on Magic: Not in the house.  Vaiden is very uneasy about magic.  One because he does not have the ability to wield it as a Shade Elf.  Another because magic is unpredictable.  High Elves’ magic cannot hurt a Shade Elf, but magics in other creatures have proven differently.

Opinions of Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Never trust Vampires, Vaiden says.  As for Latimere, Vaiden has not said anything aloud of what he thinks of this mysterious Master Vampire.

Opinions on the color white: It looks damn good on me, Vaiden says.

If you have any subjects that you want Vaiden’s opinion on, just comment below and he shall reply.


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