Victoria Steel

ScreenShot001 (2)

Name: Victoria Steel
Age: 100+
Race: High Elf
Family: Gabriel (father), Samuel (brother), Penelope (sister)
Career(s): former High Elf Priestess

Introduction: The oldest child of Gabriel Steel, it is apparent that Victoria has issues with her father.  She believes that he abandoned their family and it ended up fatal.  She lost her mother and herself in the making.  She believes that under Julianna Fairchild, she will get her revenge.

Conflicts: being an Elf in the Human world, daddy issues

Known Enemies: Vaiden Zarren, Zarah Dellawood, Gabriel Steel, the Greenbrookes
Known Allies: the Fairchild family, Gregory Zarren

Groups belonged to: Fairchild

Opinions on World: It is disgusting, she says.

Opinions on Prom: Does not understand what it represents or what its purpose is.

Opinions on Magic: Magic is apart of Elvin culture so it is more sacred to us than anyone else, she says.

Opinions on Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Vermin, she says.

If you have any subjects that you want Victoria’s opinion on, just comment below and she may reply.


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