Zarah Dellawood

Name: Zarah Dellawood
Age: 200+
Race: Vampire
Family: Harvey Dellawood (husband, deceased)
Career(s): former representative of the last Vampire empire, former member of an Unknown Master Vampire’s court, former member of La’Belle’s court, current member of Latimere Greenbrooke’s court

Introduction: During the last Vampire empire,  Zarah met Vaiden and became one of his greatest allies of all time, as well as a lover; however, times changed the Vampire empire fell and Zarah and Vaiden grew apart.  In AUB1, Zarah and her late husband disagreed with their former Master Vampire’s views so they were exiled beginning the reform of the Vampire society.  It is said that ever since their disagreement with the former Master, more and more Vampires of the modern age strived to change what it is to be a “Vampire.”  Zarah, herself, did not want to be a focus for activists.  She just wanted out of Vampire politics.

Conflicts: being a Vampire in “Human” world, wanting out of politics.

Known Enemies: Julianna Fairchild
Known Allies: Vaiden Zarren, Tatiana Smith, Coastal Coster, Lewej Asi, Jay Wishland, Gabriel Steel, Coristors, and Latimere Greenbrooke

Groups belonged to: Mystic Crane, Greenbrooke Estates

Opinions on World: Zarah wishes to stay out of the face of the “world.”

Opinions on Vampire Reforms: She understands why they are important, but does not want to get involved.

Opinions on Prom: Zarah hates formal occasions as she has attended many in her life.

Opinions on Magic: Zarah has no opinion on magic, though she does feel that magic is dangerous.

Opinions of Vampires and Latimere Greenbrooke in particular: Zarah believes that Vampires are corrupt and always will be corrupt. It is just in their “blood.” Although she was forced to be apart of Latimere’s court, Zarah has not found a reason to hate him.

If you have any subjects that you want Zarah’s opinion on, just comment below and she shall reply


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