Chapter 1

Writer Notes: I decided not to give chapter names…Chapter 1 is just fine, no need for a title.  Comments not required, but greatly appreciated.  It’s kinda hard to know what you are all thinking without comments.

Warnings: first chapter usually means lots of questions and confusion, violence, masked Sims, pointy ears

It’s just another night for Tatiana, preparing another statement for another case.  She’s only lived in Misplaced Stream for a year now and is already one of the top legal assistants.  Everything seems to be falling in place for her, finally.

But even as her life is turning in the right direction, Tatiana feels a little indifferent.  Maybe it’s from the lack of communication from her parents or perhaps the rest of her unsettled past was coming to haunt her?  Whatever the reason, she could only hope to continue on and forget about it.

Cold fingers slide around Tatiana’s face and neck.  She gasps and almost jumps out of her chair.

“Gary, oh my god, you scared me!”  He just smiled and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

“Sorry, I’m late.” He said.

“Oh, you’re not late.”

“Do you have her?”

“Let’s go.”



4 Responses to Chapter 1

  1. susieCC says:

    Hmm this story has me interested already ..

  2. elizabeth says:

    wow, this seems like its going to be good! (:

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