Chapter 10

Writer Notes:  Happy Chapter 10 of AU!!!   This is the second one without Tatiana or Vaiden, but don’t worry they’ll be making a comeback in the next chapter. 😉

Warnings: What do you call a group of Vampires? A kiss? Bickering, foreign languages, and a very cute Vamp.

“We come here in gathering to discuss important matters of business. Among me are faces of familiar and greatness. Twins: Bailey and Bailyn Rosenhouse, Monsieur Thomas…

Mes grands amis, Mr. and Mrs. Coristor…

“And ma dame Aliana. Since the night is jeune—or how would you say youngand we have much to say, let us begin our discussion.”

“Thank you, my lady La’Belle.” Aliana said.  She then turned her attention to the Rosenhouse twins.  “How is it that the target escaped? I am very curious of this, yes.”

Mrs. Coristor interrupted the twins as soon as they opened their mouths.  “I would assume, ma dame, it was because of their inability of organization, precision. Capturing a Human should not have been that difficult.”

Si cagna!”  

“If you curse at me, please speak in English so I know what it is you say.”

“You bitch!”

Lizabeth La’Belle held up her hand and the fighting seized.  It was one thing for powerful Vampires to argue amongst themselves, but to argue with a Master Vampire of La’Belle’s capacity was a death sentence.

“Please excuse my Italian friend, Mrs. Coristor; however, I am interested to know the reason for the failure, as ma dame Aliana is, so let our Rosenhouse twins explain.” She said.

“Thank you, my lady.” Bailyn whispered.

“It was that damn Elf!” hissed Bailey.  “If he wasn’t there then we would have succeeded.”

“How did the Elf know we were attacking?” Thomas asked.  “It couldn’t have been a coincidence.”

“Surely not.” Bailey scowled.

Bailyn set his hand on his sister’s to soothe her.  “I believe there is an informant out there under minding us.” He announced.  “As we all know the Elves, especially those of military personnel who have retired, become most aggravated in a ‘normal’ life and continue with some line of work such as the Elf that intercepted us. Someone made a contract with him. We must find out whom.”

“That is most inquiétant.” La’Belle claimed.

“Yes, my lady, most disturbing indeed.” Bailyn replied.

“It is my interest that we find this ‘informant’ and destroy him.” She said.  “I wish for the continuation of finding the Human as well. She must be destroyed, along with any—how would you say—attachments?”

“Yes, my lady, my crew is working very vigorously to find Miss Smith.” Mr. Coristor said.  “I wish I had more information for you as to where she has vanished, but as purely as the word means, she has disappeared from the map.”

“But you will still be found responsible all the same.” Aliana growled.

“Not to misinterpret you, Aliana, but it was not us who let her get away.” Mrs. Coristor said.

“Yes, but it is now your responsibility to find her regardless of what has happened in the past.” La’Belle interrupted.  “What more is there to discuss?”

“What happened to our Human—what was his name—Ben?” Aliana asked.  “He has been missing for many days now.”

“I am questionable of him as well.” La’Belle said.

“Could he be the Elf’s informant?” Aliana asked.

“Doubtful.” Bailyn replied.  “The only ones who knew of this plan are the ones sitting in this room. Unless one of you told him, which I mostly doubt, then his disappearance is just coincidence.”

“I don’t leave much to coincidence.” Mr. Coristor said. 

“Then you told him?” Thomas questioned.

“Of course not!” the other man almost shouted.  “To deceive this court is to deceive La’Belle. I would never do that!”

Thomas narrowed his eyes at him, studying Mr. Coristor’s face, but he believed him for it was the only reason Thomas was here.  To disobey La’Belle was worse than death.

“I expect a full search for the lad then.” La’Belle interrupted to silence.  “He must be found.”

“I leave this responsibility up to you, Monsieur Rosenhosue to regain your honor within this court.”

“Yes, my lady, I will find Ben in haste and have him bowing before you in mercy.”


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