Chapter 12

Writer Notes: This, by far, is the longest chapter of AU, 1, because there’s 36 pictures in the story, WOW!  That’s not the biggest chapter I’ve ever constructed, but it’s a little…twisted with changes in view and blah blah blah.  These things can only work out this way unfortunately.  It starts off in Vaiden’s view for all to know.

Warnings: pic spam, multiple changes in view, flashback+fastfoward, it’s ok, it’s all right, bam, bang, boom…[sigh]…sleepy Sims…and there’s not totally awesome writer skills in this for I didn’t want to use them.

The royal family of the Elves, praise the gods, and all their might and this and that. Blah Blah Blah.  Stop it with the introductions please, it’s killing my ears.

And announcing the arrival of the Vampire…guests?  What they don’t get a fancy name or anything?  That’s just a bunch of bologna and cheese.  Not that I’m sticking up for them.  They can handle themselves.

Oh gods, why do I have to stand on this side of the throne?  Why not the other side where I’m out of reach of that little disaster’s messy paws?  Yes, she looks clean, but those little fingers have been in her mouth, up her nose, inside her ears, and gods know where else.  I want nothing to do with her germs.

The Vampires are willing for their prized princess to stay here (with her maiden) to teach and help the young prince of the Elves.

He’s not much into help as stubborn as he is, but I think he can smell the lie as I can.  They don’t want her here for them to do study group.  They want the joint of Vampires and Elves, a marriage.  I’m on the prince’s side.  Oh, no.

But there Zarah is.  Standing so beautifully with her guard.  Hmm…

And the king insists that the whole crew join the royal family in the gardens…err…backyard in other words.

Zarah looks at me with hungry eyes.  Yes, darling, whatever you command.  Isn’t that cliché? 


Vaiden doesn’t like the Vampire guard, not one bit.

The Vampire guard really doesn’t care about Vaiden either.


Sometimes, I just want to scream and quit.  Quit all these little errands for the cooks, maids, lords, kinsmen, queens, and those little brats they call royal princess and prince. ARGH! The job description just says to guard them, not to get the flour out of storage.

Well…there are other reasons to go to the storage room.

She catwalks a circle around me.  Her eyes tracing every line of my body.  You got the shivers?  Me too.

To kiss her is to sign your name on the dotted to give away your soul.  I did it like so many others.

“Now take off those pants.” she smiles.

“Yes, ma’am.”



“Oh, you poor thing.” Tatiana shakes her head.

He had been awake close to 36 hours.  She wondered when he was finally going to crash.

She tried to wake him, but he was deep within slumber now.  The least she could do was prop his head in a more comfortable position.

But she decided to sit there along with him, wondering what he might have been dreaming about.


Vaiden rolled his head over and felt the stiffness.  How he managed to sleep in a sitting position he would never know.  There was a lot of extra weight on his left arm and he didn’t remember anything that heavy being near him.  As he opened his eyes to look, he knew he should have known better.


“Well…” he sighed.  “…hell.”


2 Responses to Chapter 12

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    At least he had his pants on when he woke up.

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