Chapter 14

Writer Notes: I think it’s about time AU got back into the game.  You think?

Warnings: awkwardnesssessss, forming questions, small talk, closeness, and a sneaky Vampire.

Vaiden had been silent all morning, which disturbed Tatiana more than usual.  He hadn’t said anything about what had happened the other night.  It was like he just locked that door away and paid no mind to the screams from behind it.

What was he thinking though?  It bothered Tatiana more than anything.

Was his mind just as gray as the world?  Only worrying about the fear, the envitable end…that is all so gloomy.

[sigh] She couldn’t spend all day wondering what he may have been thinking or what he may not have been thinking.

What was Vaiden thinking?  He was trying to figure out how to put this question into words.  This question had been floating in his mind since that night on the beach.  Now it needed to come out, but Vaiden was still very uneasy about it.

“What would like for dinner?” Tatiana asked.

Vaiden sighed softly this time.  He didn’t want her to be in a bad mood because he was tired of her fatting him up.

“Whatever you like.” He finally answered.

“Tatiana,” Vaiden began.  “Uh…how are we on groceries, by the way?”

She exhaled sharply.  “Fine.”

“Are you all right?” Tatiana questioned.  “You’ve been kinda fidgety today.”

“How nice of you to notice…” he grumbled.

“I’m fine.” he replied before she could huff about his sarcasm not helping them communicate or some other crap.

“If you say so.” she barely said.


During dinner Vaiden began trying to assemble the question into the right words, but it was very hard with Tatiana’s attempts at small talk.  How he despised small talk.

She was washing up.  It was a perfect time to ask…like the thirty minutes passed already.

“Well,” Vaiden sighed. 

“Let’s get this over with.”

“Vaiden, was that you?” Tatiana questioned, but there was no reply.  “Vaiden?”

“No, no, NO!” Tatiana screamed.

“Shut up, you imbecile!” hissed the Vampire.  “Lady La’Belle has put a great bounty for your head and I shall return with honor.”

“You will not mess this up for me, not this time!”

“Let me go!” Tatiana screamed.



4 Responses to Chapter 14

  1. Kiri says:

    Arrgh! I hope Vaiden is just knocked out and not worse!

    Great story MDP!! Loving it!

  2. 13pumpkin says:


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