Chapter 15

Writer Notes: I thought to myself, “Do the obvious or do not do the obvious?” Hmm…

Warnings: bright blue light, surprised Elf, frightened Human, laying down the law, talk of discrimination and crazy/silly thinking

The light grew and grew in blue fire.  The Vampire kidnapper screamed wordlessly and so did Tatiana, but she managed to form at least one word.



One hour later…

He managed to get to knee, but it had taken quite an effort, a lot more than he usually would need.

All he could think was that he had failed.  He had let a Vampire enter and take Tatiana.  His hands clenched into fists in his frustration.

Of course that’s when he heard a squeal from the kitchen.  As he entered, the first thing he noticed was the charred remains of something that looked Human.  His breath quickened then he looked around the counter and there was Tatiana sitting in the corner of the cabinets with a distraught expression on her face.  He wondered what his face looked like in that moment.  Surprised? Worried? Curious? Glad…

“I don’t know…I didn’t mean to…I don’t…” she tried to say between sobs.

“It’s all right.” Vaiden assured her.

Vaiden went to check and make sure that the Vampire was dead and indeed he was.  The Elf knew that if this Vampire doesn’t enter in a matter of time, another one will be dispatched to fetch him; therefore, they needed to get out of there.  He turned back to Tatiana and she buried her face into his shoulder.  She was trembling, not just with fear, but her skin was actually cool to the touch.  Vaiden hesitated, but soon he found himself wrapping his arms around her and slowly rocked back and forth soothing away the pain.  It was the least he could do for her after all.  If she wanted more, he couldn’t offer her anything.

“Let’s get out of here.” she finally whispered in between sobs.

Vaiden just nodded.


Tatiana had finally gotten ahold herself in the car and had cleaned up nicely with tissue paper and a little eyeliner, which she actually found in Vaiden’s glove box.  She looked at him with questionable eyes and he just shrugged.  Vaiden wondered himself where it had come from then he thought to himself that it may have come off of a past target to hide evidence or something.  Of course he didn’t tell Tatiana that.  She was a mess enough without Vaiden explaining to her that the make up she was applying to her eye was from a dead victim.

Vaiden explained that they would need a cover up while they were in the restaurant.  Tatiana suggested they were on a blind date.  Vaiden just blinked at her. 

“Rule number 1,” he said.  “None of that touchy feely stuff.”

Tatiana shook her head.  “You really have a problem with intimacy.”

“What?” he questioned with narrow eyes.  “I do not.”

“Oh yes, you do.” she laughed.

“Believe whatever you want.”

Tatiana just smiled.

The hostess, after noticing that Vaiden was an Elf, put the two outside in a secluded area.  Even Tatiana noticed how rude she was being.  Of course, it wasn’t anything new to Vaiden.

“You shouldn’t put up with that.” Tatiana said.  “It’s racism.”

Vaiden just shrugged.

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.  “Make a big scene about it?”

“Well, no,” she replied.  “But there’s no reason for her to be so rude. You didn’t do anything to her.”

“Tatiana, most of us Elves try our best to be excluded and isolated from the eyes of you Humans.”

They were silent as the server placed their plates down and left in haste.

“See…” Tatiana shook her head.  “That’s plain rude. She should have asked if we needed anything.”

“And you’re implying that she didn’t because I’m an Elf and I’m with you?”

Tatiana hesitated.

“I think you’re thinking too much into it.” Vaiden claimed.  “They’re pretty busy. The waitress is just going to get another order and rush back and forth. She doesn’t have time to dwell on if we need extra napkins or a refill at the moment.”


Vaiden sighed loudly.  “Tatiana, that’s enough.”

“Ok, what are we going to do now?” Tatiana questioned.  “I mean we’ve been about everywhere up and down the coast and in the mountains. We’re running out of options without going inland or to another country.”

Vaiden smiled.  Tatiana was evidently good at calculating the obvious geographic problems.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m homesick.” he then said.

She looked at him with blinking eyes.  “So…”

“So, I’m going home.”

“That’s plain crazy!” she exclaimed.

“But unexpected.”

“Do you not think they have our houses up with like…surveilence and stuff?”

“Maybe your house, but I’m not even on the map.”

“So…to your house?”

“To my house.”


4 Responses to Chapter 15

  1. Kiri says:

    Oooo blue light goodness! From Tatiana or someone else?

    Me thinks Vaiden doth protest too much – Tatiana has his measure I think.

    And Elflands? Cool! Looking forward to seeing that!

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    Hold on…time out…so the blue light was from Tatiana, so she has powers!?! COOL! (it’s 6:11)

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