Chapter 16

Writer Notes: I’m sure that you all will enjoy this. 😉

Warnings: acting, avoiding, crushing, jealousy, lots of sighing, awkwardness, angry Elves, confused Human.

Pronunciation: Lewej=Louie

Actually the “date” cover up worked well, for Vaiden was having to play bodyguard more than usual.  Though Tatiana didn’t mind his closeness, she was also very scared that the blue fire would erupt again.  She did not want Vaiden to end up like that Vampire.

Which, Tatiana also noticed that Vaiden seemed reluctant to engage in a conversation about how the Vampire ended up in burnt ruins.  Did he simply not care or was he assembling something else in that mind of his?

A couple of girls walked by giggling and swooning over the sight of Vaiden as they waited to pay for their meals.  He sighed aggravated.  Tatiana smiled with them.

Of course one of them had doll eyes for Vaiden and he was becoming extremely uncomfortable so Tatiana wrapped her arms around him to make it seem that Vaiden was only Tatiana’s.  The young girl backed away, but now her eyes had become hostile towards Tatiana.

Vaiden quickly paid for their meals then turned back to Tatiana.  Something was in his eyes that she just couldn’t seem to decipher.

They drove until sun up then sun down, only stopping a few times to stretch and use the restroom.  Vaiden seemed to be in deep concentration and Tatiana wanted him to share his thoughts with her.  She was tired of the silence.  Of course that’s when she noticed that they were growing near to the city.

“I thought Elves lived in the forest and thrived on the powers of the wilderness.” she smiled.

He side glanced at her.  “And you said that the restaurant people were rude.” he shook his head.  “I’ve been outcasted.” Vaiden’s voice was very hushed.

“Oh.” Tatiana nodded.  “What does that mean?”

“Means that I’m sort of exiled.”

Vaiden slowly pulled up into a drive way.  All the lights were on inside of the house, which raised suspicions in Tatiana’s mind.

“This is your house?” she questioned. 

He nodded then sighed.  “My electric bill is going to be horrid.”

“Speaking of electricity,” Tatiana began.  “You never asked about the blue fire…I just thought maybe that you could…”

Vaiden interrupted with another sigh.  “Let’s just go inside.”

Though Tatiana was reluctant, she followed Vaiden into the house.  He stopped and scanned the room.

“It’s very nice.” Tatiana smiled.  What she didn’t add was that it was a lot nicer than she expected.

“Vaiden?”  Then Tatiana heard what Vaiden had been listening to, shuffling.

“I knew I forgot about something.” he mumbled.

“Oh my!”

“You’re home!” the lady Elf shrieked.

“Thank the gods you’re ok!” she wrapped her arms around Vaiden and didn’t even attempt to let go until Vaiden patted her back.

As soon as she did let go of him, she glanced back and forth between Tatiana and Vaiden.  Her expression was not a happy one.

“Is this your girlfriend?” Tatiana questioned.  Vaiden glared at her.

“Hell NO!” he snapped.  “She’s just a trainee.”

“Oh, I just thought by the way you…” Tatiana bit her bottom lip.  “Never mind.”

“And who is this?” the lady Elf asked, not hiding the annoyance in her voice at all.

“Lewej, this is Tatiana Smith. Tatiana, Lewej.”

“Nice to meet you.” Tatiana offered to shake hands with Lewej, but the Elf girl just looked at the hand until Tatiana let it fall back into place.

Vaiden sighed heavily.  He was regretting this decision already.

“You never bring work home with you.” Lewej said.  “That’s against your own codes.”

Vaiden just shook his head.  “Do you ever shut up?”

“You should have just dropped her off at Zarah’s then left.”

“I could not do that.” Vaiden said.

Lewej rolled her eyes.  “Sure you couldn’t.”

“Who’s Zarah?” Tatiana asked.  The two Elves blinked at her like they just realized she was still there.

“The Vampire that hired Vaiden to rescue you of course.” Lewej replied.

“You did not mention that.” Tatiana narrowed her eyes at Vaiden.

“It does not matter.” he said.

“Well, I think it does.” Tatiana said.  “Considering, why would this Vampire hire you to protect me when the rest of her kind are trying to kill me?”

“Yes, Vaiden, it is questionable.” Lewej stated.

“Zarah is not apart of the Vampire clans anymore.”  he replied.

“That’s just what she says.”

“She would not lie to me.”

“Well, she’s definitely not telling you something.”

“Drop it.” Vaiden ordered.  “It does not matter. Zarah has put herself into immense danger by going against the other Vampires. You should be grateful for that, Tatiana.  And Lewej, none of this is any of your business so shut the hell up!”

“He gets sensitive when it comes to Zarah.” Lewej whispered to Tatiana.

“I do not!” Protested Vaiden.

“Evidently you do.” Tatiana smiled.

“Now I’m interested in this blue fire, you spoke of.” Lewej claimed.  “How did it happen?”

“Well, I don’t know. The Vampire grabbed me…then it kind of just ignited.”

“From where?”

“I think…from me.”

Lewej nodded.  “Any thoughts our dearest Vaiden?”


“Of this blue fire.” she said.

“No.” he replied.

“No what?” Lewej asked.  “No you have no thoughts or no you don’t want to talk about it?”

“You’ve definitely have gotten him figured out.” laughed Tatiana.

Vaiden inhaled then sharply exhaled.  “I’m really regretting this.”


4 Responses to Chapter 16

  1. Kiri says:

    Yes. Yes he is. Putting Lewej and Tatiana in the same room was not a Vaiden-friendly activity! LMAO

  2. 13pumpkin says:

    Cat fight…oh yes, I see it now!

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