Chapter 17

Writer Notes: I was going to sit on this for a week or so, but I thought to myself, “oh what the hell go ahead and post it!”  I like putting Tatiana and Vaiden in these awkward situations.  They are so funny. 🙂  I’m also noticing that AU is rolling along extremely quickly compared to my other series, The Gang and The Shadow…which actually The Shadow has only one more chapter, but I’m sitting on it.  Just look, we’re on Chapter 17The Gang, which was started a year ago this month is going onto Chapter 21.  Of course we can just say it’s because of my expertise in TS2 and still getting to know my inner TS3.  That’s the excuse along with TS3 going through two laptops and now steadily on a PC, patching issues, missing pose boxes, and so many other things.  Or maybe I’m just bias.  I do spend more time with Sims2 than Sims3. [sigh] Oh well, that just means more fun with Vaiden. 😉  Enjoy the chapter!

Warnings: let the record show the embarrassment and required amount of awkwardness to go around, nice pectoral muscles, some language, beer bottles, closeness, and first person Vaiden’s view

You know how you settle down two really bitchy girls? I don’t know either.  That’s why I left, took a shower, smoked a whole pack of cigarettes, and drank a bottle.  Now I feel better.

Going over Tatiana’s file one more time, I find myself no more closer to finding the connection between Tatiana and the Vampires than the beginning of my research.  After her display of “power” with the blue fire, I’m beginning to believe there’s more than just the pretty exterior of Tatiana Smith.  She does not even know this about herself or she’s choosing not to believe it.  I, however, am not prepared to tell her what-the-hell I think about this sudden new development. Mostly because I have no fucking clue what this “blue fire” is and how it was developed.  Mostly.  Of course I have a theory that it lit up the Vampire’s ass because he was threatening Tatiana.  That’s the obvious stuff, but is fear and horror the only thing that triggers it?  Because if not, it could be a very useful weapon.  Maybe that’s why the Vampires want her? As a weapon…

“OH! Excuse me!” she turned her head so I wouldn’t see her blush.  I don’t know what she was embarrassed about though…


“Umm,” she did that laugh/sigh thing.  “I was just wondering…umm…where I…uh…”

Her stuttering made me smile.  “Where you’ll be sleeping tonight?”

“Yes.” she nodded.

“I do have an extra bedroom.”

“Ok, I just thought that maybe Lewej had taken that over.”

“No…” Why is this woman always so worried about sleeping arrangements?  “She took over my room a long time ago.”


“Tatiana, are you all right?”

“Um, yeah, I’m fine.”  Fine?  Far from it, if you ask me.  She can believe what she wants to, even if it may be a lie.  But, who am I to judge?  I kill people for a living.

Of course that was stinging too.  I needed to pay off my house payment.  Even with all this supernatural bullshit going on, the bills are still there.

“Well…thank you.” she smiled brightly.

“Tatiana…” I shook my head.  “Do you need something more?”

“No, I just…”

“You just what?”

“You know, there’s no reason to get all aggravated.” she said.

This is not aggravated.” No, this was slightly annoyed.  Aggravation comes from the slack of sleep, which frankly I don’t get much of either, but I’m pretty good on for the moment.

Her smile is weak now.

“Well, I’m sorry to bother you anyways…”

“Tatiana, why are you so paranoid about where you’ll be sleeping?”

She blinked at me for sometime before answering.  “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not paranoid.”

Now that deserves the rolling of the eyes.

I approached her.  “Well, if you’re not paranoid about sleeping arrangements than I’m a duck.”

Tatiana arched an eyebrow.

“It’s an expression.”


“So I get the extra bedroom and where are you sleeping?” she asked.  I just stared at her.  “Ok, ok, I just don’t like taking over people’s spaces!”

“Sure you don’t.” I said.  “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine. I personally picked out each piece of furniture here so it’s made to my liking. It doesn’t matter if I slept on top of the counter. I’d still be happy.”

She was reluctant, but managed to nod.

“Why’d you become a preternatural lawyer?” I then asked. 

She blinked at me for a moment then smiled.  “What’s your interest in it?”

“Actually I’ve been curious for awhile now.”

“I’m surprised that you knew that was my focus.”  she said.  I wanted to say that hacking into a lawyer firewall isn’t very hard, but that would be admitting to breaking the law in front of a lawyer even if she mainly dealt with the supernatural.  The law is still the law.

“I don’t know.” she continued.  “In college I didn’t have a concentration until my sophomore year when I took courses in supernatural and law. They just tied together and I became the only lawyer in this area that specializes with preternatural cases.”

I nodded.  It made sense, but her becoming this “preternatural” lawyer had gotten her into some trouble with the very creatures she wished to represent.  How ironic things turn out.

Staring into her eyes, it was hard to imagine which words I wanted to say…well…ask…that question was still nagging me, but again, now was not the time.  Then again, the question was becoming one of those things when you wonder if it’ll ever be the right moment to ask.  However, I couldn’t watch her cry tonight.  Not again.

Just smile, right?  Because she was getting a curious look on her face…

She then raised her hand to my face.  “Does it hurt?” Tatiana asked.

I stared at her for a moment before I said no.  Though she never touched me, I could feel that the warmth had returned to her body.  That’s good.  Maybe the “blue fire” had stolen her warmth to cook the Vampire into extra crispy?

“Excuse me.” she nervously smiled then walked back into the other room.


The reason why Vaiden couldn’t say anything is because the only thing that came to mind was:

“I like big butts.” 😉  I thought it was funny how huge her bottom got in that pose, especially in this picture.


4 Responses to Chapter 17

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    …and I can not lie, you other mothers’ can’t deny! We have such a big laugh about that MDP :o)

  2. Kiri says:

    LMAO – Big butts are good! :lmao

    Poor Vaiden and Tatiana still skirting around the issues.

    And how else does Tatiana find out if Vaiden and Lewej are a couple or not? LMAO

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