Chapter 2

Writer Notes: I’m doing it again.  I told myself you are not going to confuse people with flashbacks and other stuff like that…well…not going to happen.  Flashbacks are evidently required with my work.

Warnings: mostly all conversation [mostly], flashback, fast forward, intro of characters, Vampire, Elf, and an unconscious Human

“I know you’re there.” She smiled.  “Why don’t you come here and say hello already?”

The Elf stepped forward unsure of what he should do.  “Hello.” He managed.

Her grin widened.  “I didn’t know the Elves came in a fine surprise.”

“Excuse me?”

“Clueless too.” She giggled.  “I am Zarah.”

“Yes, I know.” He said.  “Your clan is the guests of the Elvin Council.”

“Well, you know me then I have a right to know who you are.”

“Vaiden Zarren.”


“You are Vampire?”

“Is that what you came to ask me?”

He bowed his head.  “They say Vampires burn to dust in the daylight.”

“That is what they say. It is myth of course.”

“So my dear Elf, you work for the guard?”  He nodded a reply.  “Babysitter of the royalty, how nice. Shouldn’t you be doing that now?”

“I’m off duty.”

“I see.”

“Then you won’t mind doing something for me.” The Vampire grinned.


“On what?”

“What it is.”

Her widened even more, showing fang.  “You do this favor for me and I’ll repay you later.”


“Be careful.” Vaiden demanded as the Vampire lifted the Human up to examine her head.

“I am.” Hissed Zarah.  “She’s fine for the most part.”

“They gave her something.” Vaiden said.  “Some type of sedative.”

“You didn’t give her anything. Did you?”


“Then she’ll be fine.”

“I’m surprised you brought her straight to me.” Zarah said.  “You didn’t think the bad men would follow you?”

Vaiden sighed loudly.  “So where’s your husband?”

“Out.” She replied.  “Poor girl, I’ll round her up something else to wear. You need to change to.” Zarah added.


“Because you two can’t stay here.” She said.  “The Vampires will be sweeping the area and they’ll smell her here and you stink heavily of her as well.”

“What about you?”

“I can clean, Vaiden.”

Vaiden didn’t argue further.  He went and changed into anything that looked remotely comfortable and returned to Zarah and the girl.  Zarah had already changed her.

“You didn’t tell me I’d have to be on the run with her.” Vaiden said.  “If so, I wouldn’t have come here.”

“I know.” Zarah sighed.  “But it is a good thing you did come here.” She said.  “You’re not the best medic.”

“She’s not hurt.”

“I know.” Zarah sighed again.  “But she could have been.”

“I want you to take her out, closer to the mountains or the coast.” The Vampire instructed.  “As far away from them as you can make it by daylight.”

“Who’s following us, Zarah?”

“Just do it, Vaiden!” She shouted.  She wished she had not; therefore, she closed her eyes so she didn’t have to see his face.  “There’s no time for this you have to go now.”

“Ok.” Vaiden replied.


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