Chapter 21

Writer Notes: Well, I’ll let everyone know that Vaiden’s house is almost complete in the remake of Alternate Universe on Chrome.  I have started making Chapter 25 as I’m rebuilding.

Warnings: an embarrassed Human, screaming Elf, and the use of the word cute.

Tatiana ran her fingers through soft golden strands of hair.  She blinked many times and stared at this girl in the mirror.  It didn’t look like her, but it seemed to be copying all of her actions. 

How unreal.  All Lewej had done was mix a bunch of “Elvin” herbs and spread it over her newly trimmed hair.  WALA!  A new hair style.  A new look.  A new her.  She didn’t really know what to think about it.


“What is taking that girl so long?” Lewej asked outloud.  “It’s not like the hair’s going anywhere.”

Vaiden looked up.  “Didn’t just a moment ago you called me impatient?” 

Lewej didn’t respond.

Both elves were silent for a moment, keeping their thoughts to themselves.  Vaiden sighed twice during their wait.  He was really wanting to know what that bathroom looked like.

Suddenly, they both looked up at the same time.

“Oh finally!” Lewej hissed.

“Well…” Lewej tapped her foot.  “What took so long?”

“Sorry.” Tatiana bowed her head.  “I just needed a moment to get use to it.”

“What do you think?” Lewej asked, looking back at Vaiden.  He just glanced up at her then back at Tatiana.

“It’s fine.” he said.

Though Lewej really wanted to lecture him about women and their hair, she let it go…this time.  “Now it’s your turn.”


“Vaiden, now don’t be stubborn.” she said.  “What would it help if people spotted and recognized you? Then they see a woman with you. Of course they’re going to think you stuck a wing or something on her! You’re life is in danger too!”

“Again, what?”

“AHHH!” he screamed into the mirror.

“Dear gods, it’s basically the same cut just way shorter.” Lewej laughed.

“The way part is what concerns me.” he growled.

“I think you look…cute.”

Vaiden sighed.  “Yeah, a top Elvin assassin, ex-military, looks so damn cute. That’s the problem.”

Lewej ignored him and raced for the door.

“Announcing, the new a improved, cutie pie of our life.”

“Oh…” Tatiana smiled.  “It…looks…”

“Do not say ‘cute!'” Vaiden warned.


He turned to Lewej.  “And put your damn arms down!”

“I’m going to go clean the bathroom.” she said then went straight there.

Vaiden sat next to Tatiana and slumped his shoulders.  She tried not to smile, but it was just impossible for her.  He glanced back at her a few times, but didn’t say anything about that little smile of hers.

“I was going to say you looked handsome.” Tatiana then broke the silence.

He shook his head.  “Sure you were.”

Tatiana giggled.  “You sooo have a problem with change.”

“No…I just…” he sighed.  “It was my hair dammit!”

“Seriously?” she laughed.  “That’s not the problem here, is it?”

“Yes, yes it is.”

“Your hair was just an enity, Vaiden.” Tatiana said.  “It didn’t make your image.”

“It ‘was’ apart of it.” he shook his head over and over.  “This just doesn’t feel right.”

“It’s lighter.” she said.  “Change takes a little time to get use to.”

“Stop it with the philosophy shit please.” Vaiden snapped.  “It’s hurting my ears.”

“Fine, play it that way, Vaiden. Play it as you have nothing, but anger as a personality.” Tatiana said.  “Or you could lighten up.  After all, your hair will grow back.”

She didn’t expect what happened next.  Vaiden leaned back very smoothly, no attitude, no aggravation…just simply leaning back.  However, he was totally silent and still in his own.  Elves could do this, so could Vampires.  It was the utterly noiseless action that bother Tatiana.  They could use it to sneak up on someone or something worse.  However, she knew the only thing Vaiden was going to do was say something.  He was just thinking of what it was going to be.  At least, he thought before he said something stupid.  What did that make him, smart or mischievious?

“I got a phone call last night.” he said.  “It was from a friend that we’re going to meet with tonight.”


“That’s the whole reason why we got these make overs.” Vaiden’s voice was very neutral.  “You have to be able to go in public with me.”

“Why couldn’t this friend come here?” Tatiana asked.

“My house is off the map.” he answered.  “That’s how it’s going to stay.”

“Ok…” Tatiana breathed.

“It’s going to take awhile to get where we’re going so go get ready.” he replied.  “And Tatiana don’t worry. We’re going to meet with this friend, talk, and leave. No side tracks. No opportunities for suspicion.”

“If you say so…”

“Tatiana, I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” Vaiden was very serious.  “I promise.”


2 Responses to Chapter 21

  1. Kiri says:

    Oh my!!! I had a large laugh when I saw Vaiden and his new haircut. ROFL and LMAO indeed!

    The shortcut on him definitely gives his a sense of vulnerability that the other didn’t. If that doesn’t hide him in plain sight – I don’t know what will!

    But I have to agree with Lewej, it does make him look CUTE!!! (I’m never going to get that dance now! LOL)

    It’s really true, that a new hairdo can give a whole different look.

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