Chapter 24

Writer Notes: I think it’s about time we get to see what’s going on with the other side of the playing field.  This is also the last chapter that was saved before the crash of Chrome, my laptop.  So Chapter 25, which is in the works of getting words for its pictures, will be all recreation.

Warnings: Bloody tears, Vampires, begging, talk of vengence

“So let me comprendre ce.” La’Belle stared out into the darkness.  “Bailyn came to me and told me that the boy named Ben was dead, killed by this mystérieuse tueur Jen.”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Shh, honey.”

“I’m curious about how Bailyn ended up finding the targets, considering that job was appointed to me.” Mr. Coristor said.

“He trouvé Ben. I told him to find the targets.” La’Belle answered.  “Much time had passed, nothing was found by you, yet Monsieur Bailyn seemed to be so gallant. It is une honte. How would you say? A shame?”

Mr. Coristor didn’t dare say anything against La’Belle, but inside of his head, he was cursing himself.  His crew had worked day in and day out with no trace of the targets; however, as soon as Bailyn Rosenhouse was let loose, he found them in hours.  It seemed peculiar, if Mr. Coristor hadn’t known the Vampire himself.  He was a fine “seeker” and his death had crippled the Vampires in a devasting way.

Bailyn’s twin sister Bailey had thrown crying fits since they found the chard remains of her brother.  It was a dastardly sight and one that every Vampire regreted letting Bailey see.

“Please, my lady, my goddess, let me go find the targets, let me have vengence for my brother’s death!” begged Bailey.  “Release me, my lady, release me! I will have their heads by sun up!”

“I’m sure you could, mon enfant.” La’Belle answered.  “But I fear a change in, how would you say, coarse?”

“Whatever you ask, my lady, shall be done!”


“I don’t want these targets dead.” La’Belle then said.  “I want them alive, especially Miss Smith.”

“I want to find out how they destroyed your brother, Bailey.” La’Belle said.  “He deserves no less than to watch them burn as well.”

“Go, Mr. Thomas.”

“Mrs. Coristor…”

“And Bailey…récupérer the targets and bring them to my feet.”

“As you command, my lady!” they stated in unison.


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