Chapter 25

Writer Notes:  All righty these are the remade Simmies of Alternate Universe.  From now on, everything will be UPdated accordingly.

Warnings: Unkept promises, aggravated man Elf, sad girl Elf, worried Human, some language, and telling of news

Vaiden settled back into his car’s seat with lots of thoughts mixed up in his mind.  It had been amazing enough that he had gotten Lewej to promise to act civil while he was out running chores, but it was even more amazing that he had run into another Elf with close ties to the royalty and council.  He was not happy about the news he received and even less happy about what he had to tell Lewej.

Putting the car into park and turning off the engine, Vaiden had made up his mind.  There wasn’t going to be twenty questions.  He wasn’t going to avoid telling Lewej the news.  This was important.

“Don’t tell me to shut up!” Vaiden heard Tatiana yell as he stepped in the door.

Lewej said something in Elvin and added “bitch” to the end of it.

Even though Tatiana had frozen, Lewej did not understand her reaction, she just kept yelling at Tatiana.  Evidently, it was a heated argument about who was the better house guest though Vaiden knew that Lewej considered herself a resident.

“It doesn’t matter in the end,” Vaiden then interrupted.  “You’re both going to leave eventually.”

Lewej turned around with widened eyes, which she tried to hide with a sigh.

“Hey,” Vaiden said.  “Hadn’t I said something about leaving Tatiana alone while I was gone?”

“Sorry,” muttered Lewej as Vaiden stepped forward.

“And hadn’t I mentioned something about staying away from Lewej while I was gone, Tatiana?”

“I was trying to avoid her.” Tatiana replied.  “But she thought I was being rude.  I was trying to explain to her that yes I was trying to avoid her and there was nothing bothering me and no I wasn’t keeping any secrets from her.”

Vaiden stood there with a neutral expression on his face.  Girls, that other gender that he would never understand.  It doesn’t matter what species the girls were, they all caused way too much damn drama.  It was mostly because they were bored, but he was sure that part of it was a dominant thing.  Lewej wanted all of the attention.  Tatiana wanted…Vaiden wasn’t sure.  Most likely to wake up and move on.

“Lewej,” Vaiden said in a stern voice.  “Bedroom now.”

“But she started it.”



“I know, I know leave Tatiana the-hell-alone, blah, blah, blah.” Lewej sighed.  “It’s not fair! She started it and I’m the one that gets yelled at.”

Vaiden stood silent for a moment, trying to concentrate on what he needed to say.  Sure he could have started yelling at her for being a drama queen and blaming all her hardships on poor Tatiana, who had no idea what Lewej’s problem was from the beginning.  ThoughVaiden knew that Lewej was completely infatuated with him and he had been giving Tatiana more attention than Lewej, he didn’t give a damn about Lewej’s feelings on this.  Vaiden was protecting Tatiana from the Vampires and he was giving Lewej a place to crash until the Elvin problem was solved.  It seemed rather nice of him. 

Of course there were other problems too, like Vaiden’s dreams.  He had successfully not slept that night so he wouldn’t  have been bothered by what scene awaited him in slumber.  He really needed to call Coastal and ask her about these dreams of Tatiana.  He wanted them to stop immediately.

“Vaiden?” Lewej had a concerned face.  He was thinking too hard.  “Are you going to yell at me? Or is there something else you had in mind?”

He frowned.  Yep, if he wasn’t yelling at her, she expected him to do other naughty things.  Where did she got off on?

“No,” he said.  “I have to talk to you about Elvin problems.”

“So you found out some news?”

“Yes, but…” Vaiden sighed.  “It’s not what we expected.”

He explained to her that he had met with a representative of the Elvin nation.  It had been a very lucky meeting; however, what the contact told him was quite…disturbing.  Evidently, a group of rebel Elves had formed together and were threatening to destroy the kingdom.  Vaiden stated everything very seriously, but Lewej had a very peculiar expression on her face. 

“Rebel Elves, riiiight.” she finally laughed.

“Well, they were a lot damaging than you’re giving them credit.” Vaiden growled.  “They managed to kill the entire council, two cities, and are now getting recruits to join them to take on the royal palace.”

Lewej blinked at him.

“They are a powerful force.” he continued.  “And the representative is looking for soldiers to help the kingdom fight them.”

“You didn’t volunteer, did you?” she asked.

“Of course not, I have too many damn problems as it is.”

“Did you ask about Asiram?”

Vaiden’s chest tightened.  This was what he was afraid of, this question and its answer.  Asiram was Lewej’s caretaker.  She had raised Lewej since her parents had died of fluenza when she was just a little drama queen.  Asiram was also a dear friend of Vaiden’s, though she was more the peace loving tree hugger of the century.  She never gave up that there was good in Vaiden.  Was, he repeated in his mind.

“Yes,” he finally answered.  “I did ask.”

“Lewej…” he sighed.  “I’m sorry, Asiram…she…she’s…”

Before he could finish, Lewej knew the answer.  It was news she had been dreading this whole time as she had been away.  Asiram was dead.

“Get out!” she shouted.  “Get out!”


“Well, I finally got everything into the oven.” Tatiana said, exiting from the kitchen.  “It’ll be about thirty to forty minutes before dinner’s done.”

“Vaiden, is everything ok?”

“No,” he replied.  “Everything is not ok.”

“Is it anything I can help with?”

“Not unless you have the power to turn back time.” he cursed softly under his breath.  “Sorry…this isn’t your problem.”

She knelt down beside him.  “Vaiden, you don’t have to bottle yourself up.  Tell me what’s the matter.”

“I told Lewej that her godmother has been murdered.” he replied. 

Tatiana froze beside him.  She had not expected that to be his reply.

“I told her that her only family is dead.” he hissed.  “No, actually, I couldn’t even say that. I couldn’t even get the damn words out, goddammit!”

“I’m sorry.” he whispered.

“Sure,” she replied. “I asked for it. So Lewej…?”

“Is probably destorying my room right now.”

“Are you really worried about the room?” Tatiana asked.

He just stared at reply at her.

“Oh, Vaiden.” Tatiana shook her head.  “You have more a heart than you let yourself know.”

“Yeah, that’s what Asiram said…once.”


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  1. 13pumpkin says:

    They are so close…I was thinking he might wake up at any moment…hehe!
    Poor Lewej…poor Vaiden’s bedroom!

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