Chapter 26

Writer Notes: Merry Christmas to all!

Warnings: diabolical-ness, servant/slave, half nakednesssesss

“Leave unpacking for later, Marcie.” Jennifer Verniski sighed.  “It has been a long day and everything can wait until I’m ready.”

“Yes, master.” the red-head replied.

“How were your travels?” the servant girl asked.

“Fine, fine.” Jen smiled pleasantly to herself.  “I’m sure the news has kept you updated with my nasty little hobby.”

“Yes, master.” Marcie replied.

“Bring up to speed on the businesses.”

“Profits are sky-high, you’ve been requested by the city council to receive an award for best business owner of the year.”

“How morbid.” Jen laughed.

“You’ve had several phone calls from a…” Marcie looked at her list.  “Martin family and a date request from the men.”

“Absolutely flattering.” Jen smiled.  “How about tonight? Is the party still on?”

“Yes, mistress, as long as you wish it is.”

“Oh, I do.” Jen laughed.  “Though traveling does take away a bit of my fun, the show must go on.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Jen hopped onto the counter and took a drag of her cigarette.  Marcie stood motionless waiting for her master to direct her further.

“How about our officers in blue?” Jen finally questioned.  “Have they been sniffing at our door step?”

“No, master.” Marcie replied. 

“Well, the alibi held then.” Jen sighed.  “Business in the Gulf is sooo dull.”

“Yes, mistress.”

Jen hopped off of the counter and strutted to the bathroom, calling for Marcie to unpack her belongings.  The servant just smiled as her master closed the bathroom door behind her.

It was Marcie Marr’s turn to sigh.  She would never be more happy than she was when her master was not with her.  She could take the police stopping by.  She could withstand the one million phone calls of celebrities, officials, the persistent wealthy, and sad horny men.  But she could not escape the horror of when Jen returned.  Though Serial Killer Jen never “took” a victim while she was at her home, Marcie still felt a certain fear.


Jen threw her wig to the ground where it would stay until Marcie cleaned that night.  She looked at herself in the mirror and felt the smile twitch on her lips.  It had been a good kill.  Kills, she corrected herself.  The boy named Ben had been her original target, but a friend had sent another boy to her doorstep.  Though a smile appraised her face, her eyes were filled with emptiness.  She would never be satisfied.  The hunger would never ease.  However, Jen had plenty of experience.  She knew how to bottle the urges and act “normal” until it was time for another feeding.

She undressed and headed back to the living room.  Her home and businesses were just camouflage of what she really was.  On the outside she looked like a successful business owner of three art galleries, with another about to open up later that night.  She was just like any other celebrity.  The men adored her, the women hated her, but still wanted to be her, reporters wanted to uncover her secrets and destroy her career, but Jen laughed at their patheticness.  In the inside, stripping away the carefully tailored suit of armor that she created for the public, she was a powerful High Elf; though she had been exiled for over one thousand years.  The Elves had long forgotten the monster they let loose.  For in their protected kingdom, she had behaved.  It wasn’t until she had stumbled and almost had the young prince under her control that they “did away” with her.  So she was rogue, but the schemes had never ended.

She acquired Marcie Marr as a small child, who was on the streets begging for food or money for food.  Jen took her home and enslaved her.  She didn’t have room for a daughter in her life, but a servant was a fine thing to have.  Marcie is magically bound to serve all wishes that Jen commanded.  Her soul was settled nicely onto Jen’s hand.

The master got comfortable on her couch and smiled at her servant.  “My dress, has it been delivered?”

“Yes, mistress.” Marcie replied.  “I have it wrinkle-free waiting for you in the closet.”

“And did you buy yourself a new dress as well?”

“As you requested, yes, my master.”

“What color?”


“Good.” Jen smile widened.  “We will be purple and gold for the red carpet. Wonderful.”

“You mentioned the Martins.” Jen frowned.  “Will they be snooping at the opening?”

“I gave security permission on your half to keep them out.”

“Very good.” purred the Elf.

“Do you have any more requests that I need to tell the staff?” Marcie asked.

“No, not at the moment, but if a thought occurs to me I will inform you.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Well, it is time to get ready. The party sets the tone of a lovely evening, my girl. We must go entertain the sheep and hunt the next target for the wolf.”


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