Chapter 27

Writer Notes: More with Serial Killer Jen. 😛

Warnings: what a twist, red carpet walk, being a good party hostess, and some lashing out 

Walking up the red carpet to her new art gallery, Jen felt completely alive.  She of course stayed professional in front of the good men and women of the media, but Jen felt like gorging herself in all of their blood.

Marcie Marr, her servant, stay one step behind her mostly to make sure no crazy fans tried to jump her master.

“…and with the New Year, my gift to the city is this fine building and the art for praise and paradise for its people.”

“Have a wonderful time and please don’t hesitate to smile at the beauty of it all.”


“Wretchful, indeed.” Jen laughed.  “Another part over, the last one for this year.”

“I wish these bloody vultures…” Jen shook her head in frustration.  Then she sighed.  “What news do you bring, my girl?”

“The Martins agreed to your terms.” Marcie replied.  “They stayed out of your party and the eyes of the media so now they demand a meeting with you.  The Vampires are with them.”

“Aw, is my beautiful Bailyn with them?”

Marcie hesitated. “Oh…my lady I thought it was you who…”

“What is, servant? You never hesitate in telling me information.”

“Bailyn is dead, my lady.”

“My poor, poor Bailyn.” Jen shook her head.  “How did he die?”

“His remains were found burnt in a cabin to the far on the coast.”

“I know our guests are waiting.” Jen said.  “Let them into the dining room and give me a few minutes.”

“Yes, my lady.”


“I’m sorry to keep you waiting,” Jen smiled.  “But let’s continue this meeting in a professional matter.”

“Greetings to Mr. and Mrs. Coristor of the Vampire clans…”

“…and to the Martins of our local royalties of the Humans.”

“Charming, I’m sure.” Mrs. Martin huffed. 

“At what recent problem does this council meet?” Jen asked. 

Gary Martin chuckled.  “Oh Mother is just a little paranoid about our agreement.”

“I cannot help that I do not trust these bloodsuckers to do anything…”

“Bloodsuckers?” Mr. Coristor questioned.  “We find great offense, Mrs. Martin. What have we done to dissatisfy you so?”

Mrs. Martin hissed.  “You, bloodsuckers, aren’t doing a good enough job on your end.”

“You don’t have to stand in front of La’Belle and take her wrath.” Mrs. Coristor growled.

“Now, now, now kitties, let’s not get too hastie.” Jen smiled.  “We’re here to put an end to our disagreements.”

Gary nodded. “I agree, let’s be civil.” he glanced at his mother then back at Jen.  “We’ve been told that part of the plan has been, for the better word, screwed up. My fiancee was rescued by some Elvin boy and on a failed occasion they escaped the Vampires once again.” He glanced at the Vampires.  “Sorry for your losses.”

“We have taken special note of this as well.” Mr. Coristor answered.  “It is extremely stressful, but this ‘boy’ Elf seems to have some type of military background. He’s good at what he does.”

“Evidently, we should have hired him instead of you.” Mrs. Martin huffed.

“I take great offense.” Jen hissed.  “Our good Coristors have done the best they can.”

“Thank you, Lady Jennifer.” the Coristors said in unison.

“And if you want this plan to succeed in the end,” Jen growled.  “You will do as I say and you will do it without complaint or questions. Are we clear?”


3 Responses to Chapter 27

  1. 13pumpkin says:

    I wouldn’t want to get on her bad side…or good side for that matter! (I miss the fireplace)

  2. Kiri says:

    Oh Wow!!!! What a twist! The fiancee is alive, and in on it! OMG

    And serial killer Jen didn’t off Bailyn? Or she did and she’s just pretending she didn’t?

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