Chapter 28

Writer Notes: Back with Lewej, Tatiana, and Vaiden. 🙂

Warnings: smiling guy Elf=scary/unusual, talk of experimenting, bedroom scene

“Hmm, it doesn’t make sense.” Lewej said.  “But if Coastal believes so then we’ll have to trust she knows what she’s talking about.”

“Well, she is two thousand years old.” Tatiana replied.

“Yeah, yeah.” Lewej shook her head.  “And magic’s her thing. I know, but if I’m going to advise you in the magic stuff, we’re going to need to experiment.”


“What do you mean experiment?” Tatiana asked.

“You know test your abilities, see what makes them spark…”

“…we’ll need someone to play dummy for organism experiments though.”

“What are you girls up to?” Vaiden questioned.

“Talking.” Lewej replied.

“Riiight.” he rolled his eyes.

“Vaiden…” Tatiana began.  “What are you all happy about?”

He just blinked at her.

“Ah ha!” Lewej smiled.  “Vaiden, sweetie, will you be our dummy?”

His face went from sorta happy to completely disgusted.

“What?” he suspiciously questioned.

“We need someone for Tatiana to practice her magic on.”

“No–even more than that–HELL no!” he scowled.  “I don’t do magic.”

“Something else that he’s afraid of.” Tatiana giggled.

“I’m not afraid of magic.” Vaiden growled.  “I just…don’t like it.”

“Sure could have fulled me.” Tatiana laughed.

“Enough of this.” Vaiden crouched down beside the girls.  “There are more important things to discuss.”

“Yeah, like what?” questioned Lewej.  “There’s nothing left.”

Vaiden disregarded Lewej’s comment and any reason behind it.  “We–and by we, I mean Tatiana and me–have something’s to discuss.”

“In private.” he added before Lewej started a fuss.

Tatiana sighed. “So…what’s on your mind?”

“I rather not say…”

“I can take a hint.” Lewej growled.

“We’ll let you stay in here.” Vaiden said.  “Tatiana, to the bedroom.”

Tatiana glanced at Lewej, who was trying desperately not to laugh.

“What?” he asked. “No, never mind. I don’t want to know.”


“They better hurry up.” Lewej said.  “I need to pee.”


“So do you understand now?” Vaiden questioned.

“I think so.” Tatiana said. “You have too many rules about magic.”

He sighed. “Do you…”

“Yes, I understand. If I use too much magic in this house, it’ll light up like a Christmas tree on magical radars, which isn’t good if the Vampires have ties to magical people.” she replied.  “And if we do start experiments, we have to do them outside first, but wouldn’t that attract attention from the neighbors? I mean, you’re not usually doing magic outside are you?”

“Tatiana, I don’t have magic.”


Vaiden shook his head.  “If you do magic outside, just…” he licked his lips. The first nervous gesture Tatiana ever saw from him.  “…try to do it where the neighbors can’t see you.”

“Or you could do it not at all.” he muttered.

“Vaiden, I have to learn to control this.” She made sure her voice was stern.  “If I don’t then it’ll just happen random and I’ll hurt people I don’t want to hurt.”

“I’m leaving you in Lewej’s hands.” Vaiden let out a noticable shiver.  “For you to know, she’s not as careful as me.”

“I know, Vaiden.” It was Tatiana’s turn to sigh.  “You’ve said that five times now.”

Of course, Tatiana took note of how protective Vaiden was being of her.  He seemed to think by handing her to Lewej he was risking her a great deal, but Tatiana just thought he was being silly.  Lewej knew this was business.  She even said it was important to her that Tatiana learned the proper traits of magic.  Sure, Tatiana was surprised that Lewej took this very seriously or didn’t have a mischievious plan; however, Lewej explained that magic is a huge deal to the Elves.  It is almost sacred.  So Tatiana trusted Lewej to behave herself.

But maybe Tatiana was over looking the fact that Vaiden had been nervous about the magic.  He claimed he didn’t have magic and that he didn’t like it either.  Maybe he didn’t like it because he didn’t have it?  Whatever the reason, Vaiden was uncomfortable with the use of magic.  Strange, for an Elf.

“We have an understanding, good.” he said.  “For you to know, Lewej is still a student as well so don’t expect too much of her. She does know the basics so she can help there, but if you need grand advice call Coastal.”

“I know.” she answered.  “Don’t worry, Vaiden, we’ll be fine.”

He sighed, letting otu some tension from his shoulders.  “If you damage my house I will be seriously pissed.”

Tatiana giggled.  “Is that what you’re worried about?”

“No…I mean yes.” he shook his head.  “I don’t know.”

“You know what I think,” Tatiana began.  “I think that you don’t want either Lewej or me getting hurt and you’re covering it up with this macho man bullshit that you do when you’re uncomfortable.”

“Stop analyzing me.”

She shrugged. “If you want admit it that’s your problem, but we’ll try our best to stay safe and not kill each other…or hurt your house.”


They stared at each other for a while.  “This isn’t a dream is it?” Vaiden asked.


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  1. Kiri says:

    Poor Vaiden. Tatiana and bedrooms are going to be his downfall! LOL

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