Chapter 30

Writer Notes: Happy big 3-0 for AU!  Can you believe it?  30 chapters…Wow.  I feel like dancing! 😛

Warnings: night time pictures, pixelated blood, brief violence, sneaking girls, and lots of Sims on one lot 

At first thought Vaiden was going to set up his own trap, but he decided against it.  The Vampires had the whole place carefully watched.  They were waiting for him so he just entered the court yard like he walked into any other room.  Though his stride was filled with confidence, the pit of his stomach disagreed.  If there was ever a time to say that Vaiden Zarren was afraid, it was this moment.  He was dreadfully outnumbered and out-powered.

The Vampires were calm and cool.  They knew they had the upperhand.  They also had a hostage, which they were willing to kill just to prove a point to Vaiden.  Zarah was important to him.  They knew that too.

“You shouldn’t have come.” Zarah said.  “Vaiden, go!”

He didn’t move, but his eyes came to rest on the body a few feet away from the Vampires.  Harvey Dellawood.  Vaiden had never gotten the chance to meet Zarah’s…now deceased…husband.   He had gone to Tatiana to get her to take a case involving illegal Vampire movements.  She had declined, putting herself as a target.  Vaiden had saved her, but he couldn’t have saved Harvey.

Now Vaiden was angry, chasing away the fear, letting him think a little clearer.  This had to end.  They couldn’t keep running forever. 

“So nice of you to come.” the orange head Vampire smiled.  She had to be the Master, La’Belle.  Most would spend their time avoiding her at all cost…avoiding her radar, but someway, Zarah and her husband had come to her attention.  The ruthless killer of other Master Vampires had called out for a death sentence of the Dellawood’s.  One was dead, the other was used as bait for La’Belle wanted more than just the Dellawood’s dead for their treason, but she wanted targets that she had been chasing for three months, Vaiden and Tatiana.

“Let us introduce ourselves,” La’Belle continued.  “These are the lovely Coristors, mes grands amis…”

”Aliana, my executioner.”

“Mr. Thomas…”

“…and ma chère enfant, Bailey Rosenhouse, who’s brother you killed some months back at that cabin.”

“And I am Lizabeth La’Belle.” she grinned.  “Who are you?”

“I don’t give a damn who you are and I know for certain you don’t give a damn who I am. So let’s skip the chit-chat and get down to business.” Vaiden growled.

“My, he is a piece of work.” La’Belle said.  “How awful it comes down to this. I would have very much liked your company.”

Vaiden stomped his foot.  “Stop the sweet talk shit!”

La’Belle giggled.  “You have such a way with words.” she then sighed.  “If you won’t be pleasant and cooperative…”

“…Ms. Dellawood’s pretty head shall not stay upon her shoulders.” the Master Vampire smiled, nothing about it was innocent.  The real evil of her soul, or lack of soul, was showing.  “You comprendre?”

“Yes.” Vaiden said.


“Now, my Elf.” La’Belle purred.  “Tell me where Miss Smith is.”


She tsked.  “That answer will not suffice.”

“It’s the only answer you’ll get from me.”

Bailey stepped closer once La’Belle nodded her way.

“You’ll regret ever messing with La’Belle!” she shouted.

“Like hell!”


Tatiana and Lewej stopped at the second black iron gate they had found within in this crazy maze of a building.  They knew Vaiden was somewhere within the complex.  The girls may have not been state of the art trackers, but they certainly found the place.  It helped that Lewej was partial to being able to “sense” Vaiden.  Elves always were aware of other Elves.

But the girls were nervous.  They didn’t know how bad the situation would be and neither of them had enough training to be great in a fight.  Lewej claimed she was fairly decent.  Tatiana had just nodded.  She was good with pepper spray…that was about it, but she was willing to test the rest of her abilities if necessary to save Vaiden and Zarah.

“All right, this gate’s unlocked…” Lewej began.  “Should we?”

Tatiana nodded once more. 

“He’s just over there. I can hear some arguing.” Lewej said.

“Lewej NO!” Tatiana yelled when she saw the shadows move, but it was too late.  The attacker had surprised Lewej and succeeded in her attack.

“Come out here, girl.” a voice, not of the attacker’s, said.

Tatiana did as commanded.  No way was she going to leave Lewej completely helpless.  The “voice” had come from another woman, an Elf, sitting ever so lovely waiting for them.  Were they security for the Vampires? 

“I have been waiting for you.” the Elf said.  “I have been waiting for a long time, Tatiana.”

She took a step back.  “How do you know my name?”

“That is not improtant right now.” she replied.  “But the choice you are about to make is.  So, shall we? Come along nicely and we will spare the young Elf girl. Cause us trouble and you will not only loose one friend this night, but two.”

Tatiana stared down at Lewej, unconscious.  They had their differences, but it didn’t mean that they would give their lives for each other.  Lewej was only in this mess because of Tatiana, now she was going to take it all back.

“I have no choice.” she answered.

“I’m glad you noticed that.” smiled the Elvin woman.

“Now come along.”

“Vaiden.” Tatiana whispered.  “I’m sorry.”


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  1. Kiri says:

    AARGH!!!! Cliffhanger!!!

    *runs screaming from the episode*

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