Chapter 31

Writer Notes: I guess you can call this Part 2 of the show down if you will.

Warnings: violence, scheming Vampires and Elvin woman, Master Vampire wrath, and last minute decision.

Bailey Rosenhouse, Vampire crazed by the death of her twin brother, charged Vaiden, but he had been ready.  He remembered facing her before when he had rescued Tatiana at the beginning.  She was an easy opponent to defeat.

“Stop this, La’Belle.” Zarah begged.  “Please, the Elf has only done what he was hired to do.  Please, La’Belle, punish me. I was the one who betrayed you!”

“Oh, you will be punished, Ms. Dellawood.” La’Belle answered.  “But remember that you got your friend into this mess. It will be your fault that he dies.”

With Bailey down, La’Belle’s two bodyguards pressed forward.

A scream distracted Vaiden for a moment.  The Vampires had not heard for they kept on charging him.

“Master La’Belle.” Mr. Coristor called from afar.  “Shall we check the perimeter?”

“Yes, yes.” La’Belle replied.  “He may have her close.”

“Not on your life!” Vaiden huffed.

But who screamed?


“Your plan is working, Lady Jennifer.” Mrs. Coristor said.  “La’Belle is blind to your magic. She, or her bodyguards, cannot hear or see that you have captured the target.”

“Excellent.” Jen smiled.

“What?” Tatiana questioned. 

“Marcie, put her down.” Jen commanded.  Marcie could not disobey a direct order.  The magic that bound her to Jen would not allow her.  She did as commanded.

“The poor girl is too smart for her own good.” Jen said.  “She almost figured out that we set up La’Belle to fail.”

“She will still get the Elvin man.” Mr. Coristor said.

“Ah, my poor brethen.” Jen shook her head.  “Well, if La’Belle can’t have the blue ribbon, she’ll have to settle for less.”

“She’ll find something to do with him.” Mr. Coristor said.

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Jen smiled.  “Let her take him. He won’t talk, not even under certain death or torture or even death of others. I know my brethen well. He’ll take it to the grave, which is fine. Because we have what we want.”


“Is that all you got?” Vaiden questioned.  He felt terribly confident.  Being able to take on two Vampires at the same time is an ego booster, but Vaiden was quick to note that this fight wasn’t over.  He couldn’t be arrogant.

La’Belle watched with intent eyes.  Two thousand years of life she had never seen an Elf with such exquisive skills.  He was a born killer she knew.  How sad that they would have to ruin such a lovely sculpture.

It amazed her even more than Aliana was having such a hard time with her foe.  She was an experienced killer as well, with over one thousand years of practice.  It said something about the Elf’s training.

Mr. Thomas wasn’t as old or experienced, but he had great strength and agility.  It was so strange to see the big man down.

“Please, La’Belle, please!” cried Zarah.

“Enough!” La’Belle yelled.  The two bodyguards were quick to recovered and stand behind La’Belle as she stepped toward the Elf.  She was incredibly shorter than they were, but all knew that she made up for it with amazing power.

“You giving up already? I was just getting warmed up.” Vaiden hissed.

“Say what you will Elf.” La’Belle said.  “But now you face my wrath.”

“It is a shame.” she complained.  “I rather like you, but if you won’t cooperate, the only option left is…”

“…obliteration.”  She spread her arms out to Vaiden, as if an innocent gesture.  He felt hot, his throat was painfully tight.  He couldn’t move.  What was this?  What it her…power?  He couldn’t breath.  She was choking him with her power.

She enclosed the space between them and choked him with physical power.  “See, my Elf, you are no match to the power of La’Belle!”

He may have been no match for her, but he was too stubborn to give up!

Zarah watched helplessly from afar.  There was nothing she could do to help her friend.  She was useless.

“Give up, Elf. I have won.”


“Fine, you want to make this more painful than it has to be that is your decision.” Her smile widened.  “It has been awhile since I got to use such special abilities on enemies. It’s quite nice.”


“Marcie and I shall remove Miss Smith from the area, don’t you worry.” Jen said.  “La’Belle shall not even realized we were here.”

“When do we meet again?” Mrs. Coristor asked.

“Tomorrow night we shall have a meeting with the Martins.” Jen replied.

“We will be there.” Mrs. Coristor said.

Mr. Coristor nodded. “And, we will keep you posted on La’Belle’s intensions.”

“Thank you, my dear friends.” Jen smiled.  “It is so refreshing working with professionals.”


Vaiden’s body laid limp against the dumpster where La’Belle had thrown him.  She had decided in a split second that she didn’t want the Elvin man dead.  Of course, she wanted him to suffer, but killing one who was as dark as this Elf, was not the answer.  She knew how to break him.

“We shall change direction.” La’Belle said.  “We have a star and he shall bring us to our target whether he likes it or not.”

“Take him.” she ordered.

“What of Bailey?” Aliana questioned.

“Take her as well.” La’Belle said.  “I’m sure when she wakes, we’ll find some usefulness for her.”

“And Mr. Dellawood?”

“Leave him.”

“Let this be a lesson for you, Ms. Dellawood.” La’Belle said smoothly gliding towards Zarah.


“I’m letting you live.” she replied.  “Let’s say, I have a change of heart. There will be no more blood this night.”

“I expect you to take this gift, Ms. Dellawood.” La’Belle said.  “If you cross me again, it shall be your end.”

Zarah could hardly believe her eyes.  The mighty La’Belle was letting her live.  “What about…”

“The Elf is mine.”



2 Responses to Chapter 31

  1. Zhue says:

    I love the action scenes, very cool.
    Poor guys got themselves in a nasty mess.

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