Chapter 32

Writer Notes: Do you want to know it all, why did all of this happen?  This is the chapter to read.

Warnings: 1st person Tatiana’s view, smiling Elf woman, revealing of plots, and a bit wordy

I woke, the light was blinding.  I looked around and found myself in a room mostly of white.  My ears were ringing.  Where was I?

“Your head must be pounding.” said a woman from a far.  She sounded like she was on speaker or something.  I looked down the line of my body and found her on the other side of…a barrier.  I wasn’t sure exactly what it was.  It kind of looked like glass.

Get up and go look at yourself in the mirror.” she pointed towards the sink that was in the room.  Sink, I noted.  When I got myself vertical, I noticed the rest of the mini bathroom.  I was in a jail cell.

I blinked at the mirror from afar and even as I came closer and closer to the reflection, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  My hair…was back to normal?

I figured out what herbs your Elvin girl had used along with a magical compound to make it appear that your hair was cut and died.” said the woman.  “It took awhile, but I finally reversed the spell. Don’t you feel better to have your hair back?”

I turned.  “Who are you?”

You don’t recognize me? We met the other night.” she smiled, motioning me towards the chair at the table.

I studied her face a little closer.  She had been the Elf that forced me to abandon Lewej…oh my…where was Lewej? What had happened to her?!

Your friend is safe as we agreed.” replied the Elf.  “The Vampire woman, Zarah Dellawood, escaped with the girl in hand.

“I’m sure they’re trying to figure out a way to save your Elvin man.”  I hadn’t asked anything out loud, how did she… “We all have our gifts.”

“You’re a telepath.” I said out loud.  She nodded.  “Who are you, where am I, and what do you want?”

“Lots of questions, but I will answer each very truthfully. I am Jen. You are imprisoned by me for I’m have a special interest in your abilities. I wish to evaluate and extract your power for my own greedy purposes.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I want to steal your power, deary, steal it and make it my own, making me powerful and making you…well, most likely dead.”

“Your insane!”

Oh, surely.” she was smiling so pleasantly as if she was talking about unicorns and butterflies.  “It matters not my sanity, you’ll still be dead, honey.”

“You didn’t tell me where I was.”

Then, this Jen laughed.  “True. You are at one of my residents. Safe from the eye of the public, policemen, and if the Vampires search for you. They won’t look here. Here is oblivious to them.”

Jen, the name sounded familiar and not like she was someone I met, but as a person of reputation.

Most know me as Jen the Serial Killer of Misplaced Stream.” she replied.  “Others know me as Jennifer Verniski, business owner of the year.”

I wanted to scream.  Yes, I knew her!  My law firm had been working with the police to get warrants around the city.  Was it ironic that I was sitting not five feet from her now?

“I plotted this out from the beginning.” she began.  “Your parents are sorcerers, protected by many different clans. They were hidden to keep certain secrets safe, one was a powerful magic rod, another was a very powerful sorceress, you. I found this out by torturing a few souls, who had slipped the whereabouts of your parents city. Of course, I’ve been here for a few decades now and still haven’t found them.  Another soul leaked news of you being their daughter, a popular preternatural lawyer.” She laughed.  “How very interesting. Once I found where you were I devised a plan, which was dreadfully spoiled when the Human servant of a Vampire clan named Ben leaked information to the Dellawoods and you know the rest from there.” 

“No.” I shook my head.  My parents? Sorcerers?  They were always telling me I didn’t belong.  That I’d be safe with them.  Away.  I just thought it was them being their usual crazy, protective selves, but they were trying to tell me something else.  I threw that aside for a moment.  My personal battles did not matter at this time.  “What about that Master Vampire? How did she get involved?”

Are you sucking information from me?” Jen questioned. I nodded.  “Very well.  La’Belle is a terribly powerful Vampire. Ben, the Human servant, served in her clan. If he leaked information out about a powerful sorcerer in the area, of course, she would know. She wants to destroy you as well. I’m not sure if she’s wanting you dead or something more, but all is the same either which bad lady’s hands you fall into. You still die.” She shrugged.  “At least while you are with me you’ll be treated nicer than with her. You get meals, a clean place to live out the rest of your hours, and of course you learn all of which has been bothering you for these long three months.”

“I think it’s very kind of me. Kinder than I am usually.”  Great a goddess complex.

“You think by threatening me in a lesser way, makes you any better?!” I asked.  “You’re still a killer!”

Oh, I’m quite fine with being a killer. I have been for almost my entire two thousand years of life.”

“You’re insane!”

You’ve said that already.” Jen said.  “This has been a lot of information for you to digest so I’ll let you think about it.”

I sat there, replaying all of the things that Jen had said to me.  Some of it made sense.  Some other things did not…but Jen believed it all to be so.  Could I really trust the word of a serial killer?  It appeared that I had no choice.

She stared at me for some time, looking very amused.  I stood a walked into the mini bathroom.  I would not let her stare at me with victory.  This couldn’t be the end!  It couldn’t be…but it looked that way.  I was to die by the hands of this…whatever she was.

Hugging myself beside the toilet, I could only hope that Lewej and Zarah found a way to save Vaiden.  I hoped that he would be all right.  I wished for them to forget about me and just run away, but I knew Vaiden all too well.  He had to get the job done.  If I wasn’t safe, he had failed.

Oh Vaiden.  Why didn’t you just let the Vampires take me in the first place?  You wouldn’t have been in this mess or Lewej…and maybe Zarah’s husband would still be alive.

“I’m sorry.”


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