Chapter 33

Writer Notes: I’m posting really early lately if you haven’t noticed…well…it’s because I’m horrible at facing temptation.  Hell, I have the preparation for the chapters up to 41.  Why not post?  It’s only been four days since the last. 😛

Warnings: lots of pixelated blood (mostly not the victims, mostly), violence, torture, smiling evil Vampire, slightly motified pictures, one completely black picture, and throwing a fit

La’Belle snapped her fingers and once again her bodyguards beat Vaiden’s head in.

If they hadn’t noticed that their attacks weren’t causing him to talk then they were just doing it for fun.

“Aw, Bailey, how nice of you to join us.” Mr. Thomas smiled.

She nodded at him, bowed to La’Belle, and then faced Vaiden.

“He looks quite pathetic now.” La’Belle said from afar.  “He’s so strong and stubborn, a perfect soldier.  Who knew that the Elves acquired such beautiful sculptures.”

“For sure.” Bailey agreed.

“A full day and night of torturing and the poor fool is still fighting us. How peculiar.” La’Belle smiled then sipped from her goblet.  “I’m beginning to believe he gave himself over for he knew that we could not break him.”

“Are you regretting your decision to let Ms. Dellawood go, Lady La’Belle?” Mr. Coristor asked.

Non, non.” La’Belle replied.  “I just find it fascinating of this Elf’s courage.”

“You have been unable to break him?” Bailey questioned.  “That is fascinating, mistress.”

“Soldiers always have special training for torturing purposes.” Aliana said.  “But it is unexpected that he would hold this long.”

Bailey knelt in front of Vaiden.  “You look like a wreck.” she said.

“Same to you.” his voice was hoarse.

She giggled.  “If you give madame La’Belle the information she wants then this can all end. You can go back to your solitary life and live on the rest of your days just as nice and dandy as if none of this ever happened.”

“Yeah and I’m Santa’s uncle.” he barely said.

Bailey stood and kneed him in the face.  “That was the last offer.” she hissed.  “Now I’m not going to be as nice.”

Non, my child.” La’Belle said.  “I have a much better idea.”

The Vampires turned with great interest.  “I believe our Elf will never talk so there is no more reason to torture him so. Mr. Thomas, bring him to the box.”

Mr. Thomas hestitated.  “Y-yes, m’lady.”

“If inflection of pain will not make him talk than we have no choice, but to seal him up forever.”


Mr. Thomas did as he was told and dragged Vaiden to a special room built solidly in bricks and rocks.  He didn’t like this room.  It was always so eerie, more than any other room in La’Belle’s dungeon.

“I’m sorry for this, ol’ chap, but you’ve put yourself in this situation.” he told the Elf.  “I’d rather talk than be put in the box.”

Vaiden tried to say something sarcastic back, but all that came out was mumbled and made no sense.  Little-by-little he was already losing consciousness.

Mr. Thomas gently laid Vaiden in what looked like a casket.  “Comfy?” the Vampire asked.  “Well, better get use to it.”

He then tested the rocks surrounding the casket.  “La’Belle has ordered you a sentence of spending the rest of whatever life you have left in this…box. If you can hear me, this is the last time we will ask for you to save yourself and tell us where the target is.”

“Go to hell.” Vaiden was able to say then he slowly felt realism fade.

“I don’t blame you.” a man said.  “I wouldn’t give her the woman I love either.”


Unknown amount of time later…

Vaiden woke in a tiny space surrounded by solid rock and bricks stacked to the ceiling.  He had no idea where he was and little memory of how he got there; however, slowly, but surely images of the events that led up to this moment crept in his mind.  La’Belle had stuck him here to rot.

At first the panic filled Vaiden.  He couldn’t breath.  The space seemed to be getting smaller, but then he fought himself to remain calm.

His body hurt, but more than anything did his head.  He remembered slightly bone crushing blows to his head from either side by La’Belle’s bodyguards.  He hoped that the pounding would subdue soon.

After moments and testing of the rocks, Vaiden made a conclusion that there was probably another section of bricks and rocks on the other side of what he could see.  He screamed out of frustration until he lost his voice and pounded his limbs onto the walls until he had no more strength left.

Then he just laid there, knowing he had failed them all.


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