Chapter 34

Writes Notes:  Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!  And to everyone else…Happy February!  I’m not Chinese, but I felt when I wished everyone a happy New Year in January that some missed out.   I didn’t forget. 😉

Warnings: 1st person Tatiana’s view, talk of experiments, talk of stubbornessesss, and some other things…

It was test after test with Jen the Serial Killer.  She would not give up, figuring out how to unlock my power and drain it from me.  She could test all she wanted, but it didn’t mean I had to like it and I didn’t mean that I had to do as she said.

But I was learning new things.  Like how to shield myself from Jen’s advances.

And her telepathy.  No more reading my thoughts!

She didn’t like it, but she had so far been quite decent for a bloody killer.  I believe she thought she found her match in me, which drived her further to figure out how to destroy without rendering the power.

I learned that this girl, Marcie, was Jen’s servant.  She never talked, only took orders, but there was something odd about her as if she could not not do what Jen commanded. 

I felt great pity for the girl if this was true.  Jen was a powerful High Elf, maybe she knew how to magically enslave individuals?  Just thinking about it made me have goosebumps.

If anything was ever annoying it was the time that Jen spent talking to me caressing the wall as if she was petting an expensive vase. 

She thought by talking to me it would losen me up and as she said it, drop me shields.  I was always on guard.  I had no intensions of letting her have me.  If anything, I was ready for her careful patience to end and she just kill me out of frustration.

But her mask was too carefully tailored for me see any sign of conscious.  She was as neutral as Switzerland.

“It is enough activity today.” Jen said.  “What would you like to learn?”

For some reason she thought by draining me to death that learning aspects about magic, my family, and the events that led up to me being captured by her.  I hadn’t forked any information her way, but she had no problem with telling me anything I wanted to know.

“Where Vaiden is.” I replied.

“You still worrying about your Elf man?” she questioned.  “Why? You are never going to see him again.”

I gave her nothing, but silence.

“Fine, fine.” she said.  “He is in La’Belle’s torture chambers, of course. She’s spending countless hours working on him to ‘spill his beans.'” Jen laughed.  “I wonder if she has figured out that he will never talk even though he doesn’t know where you are.”

“He’s alive though?” I asked.

“I would expect so.” she said.  “If anything, we Elves are survivalists.”

There was some hope left if Vaiden was alive.  I just knew it.

“He can’t help you, Tatiana.” she then said.  “He cannot escape La’Belle’s dungeon. No one has ever. When she is bored with him, she’ll kill him just as sure as she would any other victim.”

I said nothing, just concentrated on putting back up my shields.  It was too easy for her to enter my mind.  I thought metal, rock, anything solid to make my shields.  I had learned this somewhat from Lewej.  When you think of the elements they will form, she had said.  I used this information and transferred the thought to my shields.  I would make them as imprenetratable as possible.

“You are no fun when you’re being difficult, child.” Jen then said.  “I find it hilarious that you put so much faith into an Elf. It is unheard of when it comes to you Humans, but I suppose you have great reason. After all, the last time you were in need of a savior he had shown up.”

When I did not reply.  She scowled, the first of her anger that I had seen.  “Fine, have a nice weekend. I will be back on Monday.” she said.  I gave her a curious look.  “I do have a day job, you know. Playing a successful artsy woman.”  With that she left, Marcie on her heels.


I was left to my own devices then.  She would be gone for the weekend.  Why did she fork out some much information?  Did she honestly believe that I would never escape this place?  Did I?  No, not really, but I did believe if Vaiden was alive there was hope.  If he was alive then I could hang on.  I had to get out of here.

But then again, it was just my own selfishness that made me think all of that.  I didn’t want Vaiden to come rescue me.  I didn’t want him and Lewej to be apart of this crazy, dangerous situation anymore.

I needed to get out of here though and I didn’t have the faintest idea how.


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