Chapter 35

Writer Notes: 40 pics in this chapter so long, but I’ve scrolled up and down it and it doesn’t seem that long to me.  Anyhow…enjoy!

Warnings: unexpectedness, deja’vu, familiar faces, brief violence, and a Feline

“I thought Jen and you were gone for the weekend.” Tatiana said.  It was more of a question than statement.

Marcie didn’t answer she just stood there staring at the prisoner.

She then smiled.  The first emotion that Tatiana had ever seen on her face.

Marcie stepped to the side of the cage and pressed something on the panel.  Tatiana didn’t know what the servant girl was up to, but she was ready just incase.  The servant had spent countless years by the side of one of the craziest, dangerous killers of all time.  Was Marcie just as insane as Jen?

Then the wall of the prison shifted and Marcie stood in the way of the open space.

“What are you doing?” Tatiana then asked.

“Isn’t that obvious by now?” Marcie questioned.

“I’m setting you free.”

“Why?” Tatiana asked.  “I thought…”

“Jen never ordered that I couldn’t set you free.”

“When I leave, wait ten minutes then follow.” she continued.  “If you do not I cannot distract all that needs distracting.”

“Why should I trust you?”

“I have been a prisoner in my own body for so long.” Marcie said.  “It is no way to live.”

Tatiana did as Marcie requested.  It was almost torture in itself to wait those free ten minutes, but Tatiana did it.  She could not be recaptured.

Once she exited the secret prison chamber, Tatiana blinked in confusion.  She knew this place…but from where?

With she step, Tatiana felt an overwhelming case of deja’vu.

She had been here before.  She was sure of it.

Something was strange.  Jen had lied about a detail.  This couldn’t be one of Jen’s residents.  Tatiana wouldn’t have recognized it.

She opened the door to the next room.  Marcie had kept her word.  She had distracted others in the area to another room.

Tatiana got a sudden sick feeling in her gut.  This room was even more familiar looking.

Still Tatiana pressed on.  Freedom was coming closer and closer with each step she took.

The next door was partially opened and she saw a very very familiar face.  The sick feeling in her stomach was no pulsing in her throat.

The Martins, talking amongst themselves as if nothing had happened.

Tatiana gasped.  She couldn’t control herself.  This place was one of the luncheons that the Martins hosted.  She remembered being escorted by Gary around the rooms.

The Martins turned and blinked at her for a moment then had smiles upon smiles on their faces.

“Tatiana,” Gary said from behind his mother.  “You finally up?”

He went to hug her, but she stepped back.  “What’s going on?” she asked.  “Gary…your were shot. I saw you…die.”

“Shot? What are you talking about, Tatiana? I’m fine. It must have been a horrible dream.” he said it so casually as if he believed it was true. 

“Dear, is she all right?” Mrs. Martin asked.  “She looks a bit pale.”

“Tatiana?” Gary questioned.  “What’s wrong?”

“This doesn’t make sense.” she said.  “Why? Why would you do this?  Why would you let Jen…”

“Jen, who? What are you talking about?” he laughed.  Tatiana recognized the laugh.  It was one of his nervous gestures that he did when he was trying to bribe people into buying estates. 

“You bastard!” she shouted.  He went to charge her, but Tatiana was much faster than him.

Why? Why would her supposable fiance do this to her?


Tatiana kept running.  She knew where she was.  She had come shopping at this little outlet routinely.

Across the city would be her law firm.  She knew she could trust Caden Pearson, her boss.  They had been friends since college.  All she had to do was get there.  He would take care of the rest.

“Hey!” someone shouted from the crowd and ran up to meet her.  She abruptly stopped and examined the stranger.

“Jay…” one of her previous clients, a Feline.

“Interesting jogging outfit.” He winked.  Jay was a compulsive flirt, Tatiana then remembered.  “I thought you were kidnapped?”

Tatiana instinctively looked around as if Jay was just another trap, but there were no Vampires jumping out of the shadows to catch her.  It was just Jay being Jay.

“Where you headed off so fast?” he asked.  “I could give you a ride.”

“Would you?” she sighed.  “That would mean a lot to me, Jay.”

“Sure, anytime.” he smiled.

He escorted her around the building.  Tatiana halfway expected gunmen to be ready to capture her, but there was no one in sight.

“You’re all jumpy.” Jay said.  “Is everything all right?”

“I’ll tell you in the car.” Tatiana replied.  She could trust Jay.  He was a good guy, innocent.  Felines would never help Elves or Vampires.  They isolated themselves from the other species, besides the Humans.

“Uhh…Jay…you’re parked illegally you know?” Tatiana shook her head.

“Please don’t bust me.” he smiled.


“So tell me, babe, what’s going on?” he inquired once they were on the road.

“I’m in some bad trouble.” Tatiana began.  “I need to get to Caden’s.”

“Home or office?”

“Wherever he is.

Jay checked the cloak on the stereo.  “He should be at the office.”

“You been in some recent trouble as well?” Tatiana asked.

“Minor, parole and all.”

“So tell me,” Jay began.  “Did the Elf kidnap you?”

“No,” Tatiana replied.  “He rescued me.”

“Weird.” Jay said.  “That’s not how it’s being said around town.”

“The media often is mistaken.” Tatiana answered.

“You gonna sue them?”

Tatiana sighed.  “I haven’t really thought that far ahead.”

“I would.” he said. “And give you Elvin friend a metal of honor.”

“Yeah.” Tatiana smiled.

“Jay…” Tatiana took a breath.  “What else have you heard about me around town?”

“Lots. You want me to share?”


He did, but none of it so far was the truth.  Vampires were making a good cover-up and Jen was covering up with it too.  How interesting that the species could work together even if they had no idea that they were.


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